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Men’s Hair Loss Specialist Dr. Patel Explains Myths About Hair Loss And What Men Can Do

Keeps x BroBible Instagram Live Event

When’s the point of no return with hair loss?

Does wearing hats result in baldness?

Who’s responsible for your male pattern baldness?

All your scariest questions have been answered! This past Thursday afternoon, BroBible’s very own Matt Keohan sat down with hair loss specialist and Keeps prescribing doctor Ravi Patel for an Instagram Live session to clear up all the mysteries surrounding hair loss and the FDA-approved treatments.

Having treated over 100,000 patients for hair loss, Dr. Patel had all the answers for even the most embarrassing of questions. And with Keeps, he’s able to more efficiently help even more people. Keeps not only offers clinically-proven treatment options, but they’re also fighting back against the stigma involved with hair loss.

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In case you missed the Instagram Live event, here’s a recap of some of the highlights and you can watch the whole live event @Keeps on Instagram.

With two-thirds of men experiencing some form of male pattern baldness by age 35, Keeps is trying to de-stigmatize the conversation around hair loss. And to that point, during the Instagram Live Dr. Patel took on some of the claims surrounding hair loss that have been floating around the internet. And to borrow Matt’s phrasing— the claims range from rational to downright ridiculous.

Claim 1: All hair loss is permanent.

Not necessarily true according the Dr. Patel. If you’ve noticed a bald spot growing, don’t worry you’ve still got time. When it comes to male pattern hair loss, just remember— the sooner you seek help, the better results you’ll see with hair growth.

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Claim 2: Wearing hats results in baldness.

Myth busted, thank you Dr. Patel! Now you don’t have to worry about hiding a bad hair day with a hat leading to even worse hair problems in the future.

Claim 3: You inherit male pattern baldness from your mother’s side of the family.

Yes, but not quite according to Dr. Patel. There’s not just one person to blame when it comes to male pattern hair loss. And at the end of the day, hair loss is a process controlled by both maternal and paternal genes. No point in wasting time trying to assess blame, get treatment sooner and hair loss will be a thing of the past.

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Question 4: Can alcohol be taken once starting a treatment?

Moderation is key — that’s some good advice from Dr. Patel for life in general. And limiting consumption to just 2 drinks, that’s well worth the price of your hair growing back.

What Is Keeps?

Keeps is a telehealth service that allows board-certified doctors to review your hair loss and medical information and recommend the best scientifically-backed, FDA-approved treatment delivered straight to your door. It requires no doctor office visits or pharmacy visits.

Keeps has ascended atop the hair loss mountain for three reasons:

  1. Convenience: Streamlined consultation process typically gets products in your hair in one week or less.
  2. Cost: The cost is less than HALF the cost of buying at a traditional pharmacy, and Keeps’ current Flash Sale gifts you 50% off your first three months.
  3. Results: Treatments are 90% effective at stopping hair loss and 66% of men experience regrowth in as little as 4-6 months with consistent use.

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