LIMITED TIME ONLY 41% OFF: Get This Best-Selling Microfiber Futon For Under $100!!!

Lodge Futon

DHP Lodge Futon

If you throw parties at your crib and want your friends to crash instead of getting a DUI and ruining their life you need places for your cockeyed bros to sleep off their inebriation. This futon from DHP is the answer and right now it’s under $100!

The charcoal-colored contemporary DHP Lodge Futon provides seating, but it also doubles as a sleeper. It easily converts from sitting to lounging to sleeping in seconds. Plus it has sophisticated microfiber upholstery which means that when your friend upchucks his taquitos and Russian mules all over your futon you’re not completely fucked because it is easy to clean.

The sleeper’s dimensions are 70″ x 39″ x 13.5″ and it is easy to assembly without needs for tools.

This futon is the #1 best seller in Sofas & Couches on Amazon. But act fast because there’s a limited quantity and it’s on sale for a limited time.

Purchase: $94.19 (41% OFF!!)

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