This $667 Million Concept Superyacht Has More Curves Than Sofia Vergara PLUS A Helipad

Hey guys, if you’ve got $667 million laying around and don’t know what to do with it, may I suggest purchasing this spectacular superyacht? If you buy this superyacht may I also suggest that you make me your best friend to travel around the world with you? I make a mean painkiller cocktail and I’m a decent wingman.

This is the Epiphany Superyacht, a concept vessel from Andy Waugh Yacht Design.

Look at this beauty!

This sexy beast is 426 feet in length, which comes quite short of rivaling the largest yacht in the world, the Eclipse owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and has a length of 533 feet. To give you a clue as to the size, the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship is 893 feet and holds 2,642 passengers and 1,150 crew. However, the Epiphany doesn’t put a premium on passenger capacity and could house 40 crew members and a large number of guests.

The Epiphany has amenities such as pools, jacuzzis, private movie theater, gym, spa, and a helipad.

Andy Waugh’s striking design is meant “to give an enhanced sense of openness and space.”

Look at all this sexiness.

“Cost? You’re probably looking at $267 million to $667 million,” the British designer told CNN. “It depends on the finish of the interior.”

Oh, and it’s a custom order so it would take five years to build.

When asked about the chances that someone would order the Epiphany Waugh said, “one in a thousand.” Not exactly a great business plan there Andy. But I guess you only need to sell one yacht that is half of a billion dollars and you’re set.

The Cleveland Browns have 1,000-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl but they lace up their cleats week after week. It’s 1,000-1 odds that scintillating Sara Underwood rescinds her restraining order against me and accepts my marriage proposal, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed. Sara call me. You have my number from the plane I rented to fly by your house with my phone number.