You Can Build An Awesome Mini Motorboat With This Kit From Rapid Whale

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Are you looking for an awesome DIY project you can do at home and feel like a badass when it’s completed? Rapid Whale sells a ‘Mini Boat’ kit with everything you need to build your own 6-foot boat that will be finished in fiberglass and takes two 12-volt batteries.

I grew up with boats (in Florida) but the thought of building my own boat never crossed my mind. I might’ve considered hollowing out a tree to build a canoe in the Summer but (1) I’m lazy and (2) it’s hot and swampy as hell in Florida during the Summer so that was never a realistic plan. But this Mini Motorboat Kit from Rapid Whale (for $950) actually seems like it’d be a pretty badass project.

Check out the boat in action and see how much fun this looks like:

The kit includes:

Laser cut marine plywood
Various 3D printed components
Steering wheel
Steering-shaft bearings
Various gaskets
Precision laser cut components
Interlocking assembly (no jigs)
Simple cable-tie and epoxy construction
Interior bulkhead design for flood floatation
Thick plexiglass steering wheel
Electric trolling motor propulsion
Low and comfortable seating position
Stable flat bottom hull design
Reliable steering geometry
Convenient cubby storage (above dash)
Additional behind-seat storage
Okoume BS1088 (marine plywood)
Plexiglass (steering wheel)
ABS plastic (3D printed parts)
Delrin (steering shaft bearings)
Cork (gaskets)

I don’t know how many of you bros out there are dads, but I have to think that this would be 1000x cooler than a Hot Wheels today, and a great way to teach your kid how to drive a boat. It’s also big enough and fun enough for you to drive around yourself. This boat holds riders/drivers up to 170lbs, so if you’re over that weight limit then this might be a gift for your kids/nephews/nieces.

If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself you can pick up the Mini Boat Kit from Rapid Whale for $950 over on their website by following that link.

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