These Mini Surf Boards For Your Hands Are Beach Game Changer This Summer, As Featured On ‘Shark Tank’

Last year a company called Slyde Handboards was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. Started by a surf-loving husband-wife couple from San Clemente, California, the product is wild one, beloved by beach-going bros around the world: Take a Slyde Grom board to the beach, strap it on your hand, and ride waves all summer without the hassle of a surfboard or boogie board. Here’s the pitch:

Expect to see these on beaches everywhere this summer. Just in time for shreddin’ some surf gnar, the Slyde Grom board is now available over on Kickstarter. You can grab one for a pledge as low as $39, with packages of two for families and groups of friends as low as $74.


BUY IT NOW: $39, with estimated production run + shipping in June 2017

ABC/Shark Tank

BUY IT NOW: $39, with estimated production run + shipping in June 2017

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