15 Fishing Accessories Every Bro Needs In His Tackle Box: A Bro’s Guide To Fishing Gear

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We’re in PEAK fishing season here, bros. You should be getting out on the water in pursuit of fish any time you have the opportunity, but in order to do so you have to follow the fishermen’s mantra (which is actually the official Scout Motto): “Always be prepared.” As a fisherman you need to be prepared for any and every scenario imaginable. Weather conditions, water conditions, time of year, whether you’re targeting one specific species or fishing for a variety of species, these are all things you need to be prepared for. Today we’re going to take a look at 15 items every fisherman should own. Most of them can fit into your tackle box, but others are more all-purpose items you’ll either be holding or stuffing in your pocket.

What fishing accessories does every fisherman actually need? For starters: a knife, clippers, tackle box, rod, reel, line, and lures (and a fishing license). After that everything’s a matter of preference. Today I’ll be sharing a few basic suggestions for recreational fisherman as well as some more advanced products that will truly enhance the life of a serious fisherman. So without further ado, here are 15 fishing accessories every bro needs needs in his tackle box!

Berkley, Tackle Management (Soft Tackle Bag)



One of the fastest ways to start catching more fish it to get organized. Once you know exactly where everything in your fishing arsenal is you’ll be able to call on that piece of equipment on a moment’s notice. This means organizing your rods as well as your tackle, and in order to do the latter you’re going to need a dependable tackle back. At a low, low price of just $12.49, you can afford to own an entire arsenal of these soft tackle bags from Berkeley (BUY IT NOW by using the link below or above!). Once you pick up a few of these you organize your tackle by freshwater and saltwater, then by size, then by species. Once you’ve done that go grab a marker and label EVERYTHING, so you can call on the proper equipment in a moment’s notice. Get as obsessively organized as possible and I guarantee you’ll be catching more fish by the end of the month!

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Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Suspending Lure



I’ve caught more fishing using a Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow than any other lure in existence. Admittedly, most of those fish have been in saltwater, but the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow comes in nearly every pattern imaginable (there’s also a slightly more expensive 3-D model), so if you’re looking to ramp up the number of fish you’re catching in both freshwater and saltwater you need to pick up a few different patterns of these RIGHT NOW. Using the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minno I’ve caught trout, redfish, and snook. I’ve jumped tarpon with these lures, I’ve caught snapper, juvenile grouper, ladyfish, black drum…really any fish you can find in the Gulf Coast waters of Florida I’ve caught using a Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow. BUY IT NOW by following the link below or above!

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Berkley Gulp!



Whether you’re fishing freshwater or saltwater, the Berkley Gulp! will catch you more fish. They come in every style from baby mullet and shrimp to earthworm and grubs. They’re injected with Berkley’s special scent that drives fish absolutely insane, and once you pick up a few packets of the Berkley Gulp! you’re going to be scratching you’re head wondering ‘why in the heck did I only just now found out about these?!?!?’

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Needle Nose Pliers From The Fishing Tree


The Fishing Tree

You HAVE to invest in a great set of fishing pliers if you care about ecology. These needle nose pliers from The Fishing Tree have a lifetime guarantee, which is something that’s hard to come by in the fishing world due to the amount of wear and tear you put on equipment. These pliers are perfect for pulling the hook out of a fish’s mouth, for cutting line or tackle, and all sorts of rigging. The pouch they come in will sit on your belt loop, tuck right into the cupholder on your boat, or sit in the corner of your tackle box and take up virtually zero space. Did I mention that they only cost seventeen bucks? BUY IT NOW by following the link below or above.

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Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Spray Sunblock + Insect Repellent


Bull Frog

Buy this and buy this IN BULK! You cannot put a price on sanity, and in order to maintain your sanity while on the water you’re going to need to stay bug free and protected from the sun. I’ve been using Bull Frog products my ENTIRE LIFE, and would stand by any product they put on the market. ESPECIALLY the Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Sunblock + Insect Repellent spray (it’s also one of Consumer Reports top rated bug repellents). Why put on sunscreen and bug spray separately when you can combine the products? For just $12 on Amazon (you save $5 by ordering on Amazon) you can combine the products and save yourself the hassle of a week full of mosquito bites after your next fishing trip. Seriously, buy a few of these and just toss them in your tackle box and thank me next time you need them and they’re there for you.

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Yeti Cooler


Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers are THE INDUSTRY STANDARD when it comes to fishing coolers. They hold temperature and withstand the elements better than any other cooler on the market. Yeti Coolers aren’t exactly cheap, but rest assure that when you buy a Yeti Cooler it’s the last cooler you’ll EVER need to buy. BUY IT NOW by following the link above or below!

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The Costa del Mar Fantail (Costa 580 Glass Lens)


Costa del Mar

These are, in my opinion, the finest fishing glasses on the market. The lenses come in a variety of different colors to match any and every water condition. The frames are constructed in a way to ensure these sunglasses always stay on your face (never fall off). I’ve caught more fish wearing Costa Del Mar sunglasses than any other pair of sunglasses on the market.

Once you tap into the power of Costa Del Mar polarized fishing sunglasses you’ll be able to see AND catch more fish than you ever previously thought imaginable, and you can take that to the bank.

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Orvis Safe Passage Chip Pack



Fly fishing is a beast of a different nature in terms of gear and necessity. You’ll need to carry a large variety of tackle on your person at all times, as you’re often standing waist deep in water and the conditions are constantly changing. The Safe passage Chip Pack from Orvis is literally the PERFECT fly fishing day pack, and whether you’re a serious fly-fisherman or someone who breaks out the fly rod once ever other year, you should highly consider this day pack as it’s only $79 and it’ll house all of your gear.

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Columbia Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt



The concept of a ‘fishing shirt’ was always hilarious to me until the first time I came down with sun poisoning. My mantra’s always been Sun’s Out, Guns Out, but after getting so sunburned my entire body looked like one giant blister, and being bedridden for nearly a week…well, I figured it was time to hide from the sun a little. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Cover up your skin with a QUALITY fishing shirt like this one from Columbia. It’s not only the sun you’re hiding from either, a good fishing shirt will keep you hidden from all those insects out on the water trying to feast on your skin. That shirt above comes in about every color imaginable, but take my advice and choose a neutral color that will at least somewhat blend in with the surroundings. It’ll attract less bugs and won’t scare off the fish if you’re wading. BUY IT NOW by following the link above or below!

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