Nike’s New ‘Refurbished’ Sneaker Program Is A Great Way To Help The Environment, Clean Out Your Closet

Nikes New Refurbished Sneaker Program How It Works How To Buy


Have you got some old Nike sneakers you don’t wear anymore just sitting around collecting dust? Well, now you can make some room in your closet by taking advantage of Nike’s new Refurbished sneaker program so someone else can get some good use out of them at a discounted price.

Nike Refurbished extends the lifespan for three different types of footwear: like new (maybe worn for a day or two before being returned), gently worn (a little longer) and cosmetically flawed (like a small snag that happened in manufacturing).

After a shopper returns a pair of shoes to Nike, the Nike Refurbished team inspects and refurbishes the shoes by hand, and then give them a condition grade.

Nike New Refurbished Sneaker Program How It Works How To Buy


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The Refurbished team uses a number of different products and tools to return shoes to as close to new condition as possible. Once the shoes land back at select Nike Factory, Nike Unite, and Nike Community stores, the price they are sold at is based on the footwear type and its condition grade. Messaging on the boxes make it easy to see what kind of shoes are inside, the condition grade, and more.

Nike Refurbished footwear is also covered by a 60-day wear test. If it’s not what the shopper wants, they can return it.

Even if your old Nike sneakers are beyond help they can still serve a better purpose than sitting around in your closet.

Any shoes that don’t make the grade for being able to be cleaned up and resold at a discount are either donated to a community partner or recycled through the Nike Grind recycling initiative.

Either way, this program will keep these kicks out of landfills (and your closet).

To locate a participating retailer near you, just click here.