The Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender Is Turning Me Into A Smoothie Connoisseur (… And Saving Me Money)

Ninja Blast Portable Blender

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Hear me out: I love drinking smoothies, but I hate buying them. Handing over cash for someone to put some fruit and juices in a blender feels like sipping on a liquid Cadillac, each gulp shouting, ‘Look at Mr. Moneybags here!’

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Smoothies are an expensive indulgence, especially if you’re like me and live in Los Angeles, home to a certain grocery store chain for the rich and famous, that infamously serves smoothies to influencers and over-the-hill reality TV stars for over $20. It’s a splurge that can add up as much as any vice, especially if you are going to the places that insist on serving single origin farm-to-table flaxseeds in your strawberry banana bomb. Couple it with a daily iced coffee habit, and there’s a good chance you’re saying goodbye to a nice monthly dent in your retirement fund.

But c’est la vie for a quick and light lunch, amirite?

At home, I’m all about blending on a budget. Wallet happy, health intact, and not a hint of pretense in sight. You can load it up with fresh fruits from your farmers market or cheap, ready-to-blend frozen fruits from your grocery store freezer section. You can use the yogurt you want to use. You can use the liquid base you want to use – no judgment if milk or left over morning coffee from the pot is your base. Heck, make a protein-smoothie with peanut butter, almond milk, bananas, and whey protein for those bulking periods. Go nuts, who cares?

Beard man in sunglasses and a backwards hat holding a Ninja Blast Portable Blender in a city park after making a delicious peach smoothie with it.

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I used to be the kind of person who thought you could only have a smoothie in these two scenarios: Out and about, as an expensive wallet-draining treat to walk around the shopping mall with, or at home, with a blender on your kitchen countertop and ingredients from the fridge.

Then, this summer, the Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender entered my life.

Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender

With this state-of-the-art evolution of blender technology, I am no longer shackled to only enjoying smoothies in these two different scenarios.

The Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender is the perfect little device for making smoothies, protein shakes, iced coffee drinks, and other mixed beverages on the go.

This little cordless wonder is like having a portable juice bar right in your gym or beach bag. The Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender has BlastBlade™ tech that chews through ice and fruit like it’s cotton candy, giving competitors a run for their quick particle breakdown. It’s practically dummy proof, as long as you lock it in and follow the instructions on fill lines right on the side. Once you’re done blending (… it only takes 30 seconds), you can grip and rip, drinking straight from the BPA free sip lid at the top of the blending vessel.

And size? Choose your own adventure at 16 or 18 ounces. Worried about battery life? Don’t. This bad boy can whip up 15 smoothies on a single charge, all easily done with a USB-C charger. Also, it blends extremely quiet compared to the noise machine you keep on the kitchen counter.

Beard man in sunglasses and a backwards hat holding a Ninja Blast Portable Blender in a city park after making a delicious peach smoothie with it.

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Bonus: It fits snugly in your car’s cup holder, because this is a kitchen essential that’s very self-aware its not tethered to the kitchen.

And for the neat freaks, cleanup is a snap. Drop the sip lid and vessel into the dishwasher or do a quick rinse and 30-second soap-and-water whirl. The blades and base clean off easy.


Limitless smoothie and cocktail options with the Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender

As far as kitchen gadgets are concerned, the Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender is on a mission to turn me into a smoothie snob. I’m a big fan of a certain fast food chicken chain’s summertime peach smoothie, so I headed to the park with a batch of fresh peaches, a miniature yogurt container, and some coconut water from my neighborhood farmers market to recreate it. This creamy concoction came out near-perfect, a blissful treat to take in with some well-deserved after work golden hour hangs.

Heading to the beach, pool, or buddy’s boat? The Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender allows you to whip up a small personal batch of frozen margaritas or pina coladas in a jiff. Heck, bring it camping or to a music festival. Get creative with it.

Beard man in sunglasses and a backwards hat holding a Ninja Blast Portable Blender in a city park after making a delicious peach smoothie with it.

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Besides saving money on smoothies *waves hands frantically* out there in the real world, the best thing about the Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender is how it inspires your culinary curiosity. It’s a low stakes device for pioneering new flavors and combos, a step forward for smoothie innovation. Pumpkin spiced ice frappe at home? Sure, why not?! A carrot, beet, and turmeric tonic smoothie as a cleanse from a weekend of bad decisions with friends? Go for it. A perfectly-timed green smoothie with kale, banana, and pineapple to get you dialed in before hitting the fairway in the member-guest?

I’m just saying… It’d fit in a golf cart cup holder. I won’t tell a club pro if you don’t.

The options are limitless. Heck, this weekend I’m going to try to make some orange creamsicle and cherry limeade smoothies, just to experiment how clever I can get.

Oh, one final note? It’s only $59.99 and comes in six different colors via


The Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender in six different colors

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