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It’s finally warm enough outside to break out the steaks and get to grilling! For those of you with backyards large enough to set up a full grill, bully for you. For the rest of us without backyards or just a small balcony, we have to make do with minimal space. Or do we? Thanks to the new Ninja Woodfire™ Pro Outdoor Grill, space matters less than ever.


My fiancee and I have been huge fans of Ninja appliances for years. We use our Ninja blender pretty much every day to make perfect protein shakes and smoothies. Suffice it to say, we were stoked at the prospect of a Ninja grill. Maybe one of our friends or family will be nice enough to get us one for our upcoming wedding.

If you’re still trying to grill on that same old, rusty grill that’s been sitting in your backyard or on your patio for years, stop it. You owe it to yourself to upgrade to a 7-in-1 cooking system that perfectly cooks everything from steaks to hot dogs to vegetable skewers.

Grill, smoke, air fry, and more…

Ninja Woodfire™ Pro Outdoor Grill with Air Fryer

Steaks and burgers? Grilled to your desired doneness with ease. Ribs and salmon? Smoked to perfection. Afraid of overcooking chicken wings outside of the traditional oil fry? We make air-fried wings so well in the Ninja Woodfire that we could give up traditional fried wings for good.

Where’s the wood?

Ninja_Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill wood pellets

Don’t worry. There’s no need to break out an axe or store large bundles of wood somewhere. Ninja’s Woodfire Technology allows you to insert the included wood pellets for a natural smoky flavor that makes you feel like a real pitmaster.

Plus, as a special offer for BroBible readers, be sure to use code ‘BIBLE30’ for $30 off your order. A sweet discount so you can buy an extra rack of ribs or pork butt.

Ninja Woodfire™ Pro Outdoor Grill with Built-in Thermometer and Premium Package

Ninja Woodfire Pron Outdoor Grill


  • 7 cooking functions (Grill, Smoker, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, Air Crisp, and Broil)
  • Built-in thermometer and grill grate
  • Accessories:
    • Crisper basket, Ninja Woodfire™ Pellets All-Purpose Blend (Sample bag/up to 3 uses), Ninja Woodfire™ Pellets Robust Blend (Sample bag/up to 3 uses) Quick Start Guide, recipe book, Ninja Woodfire™ Pellets All-Purpose Blend (2lb. Bag), and combo crisper basket
  • Free Gifts:
    • Grill cover, veggie tray, and roasting lifters


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