Nintendo Is Bringing Back Their Massively Popular NES Classic Edition Next Month

by 1 year ago

nes classic

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic Edition. It’s official. Nintendo is re-releasing the NES Classic Edition, which was a re-release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System that debuted in 1983. On Sunday night, Nintendo confirmed the re-launch of the NES Classic Edition gaming console.

The NES Classic Edition was originally released in November 2016 for $79.99 (Some people paid up to $200 on the secondary market) and the retro video game console was so massively popular that it was sold out around the world in no time. The new NES Classic Edition will hit store shelves on June 29th and will cost $60. The updated classic console will be sold for a limited-time only and is said to be available through the end of the year. The mini old school gaming console will allow you to play 30 classic Nintendo games on modern-day TVs through an HDMI port. The console comes with the corded controller that you used to play Tecmo Bowl with.

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