Ring In The New Year By Smashing Open One Of Nipyata’s Alcohol-Filled Piñatas (15% Off!!)


Your head is probably currently in Christmas mode, but lets not forget that New Year’s Eve is only a few short weeks away. And if you’re throwing an NYE party this year, you need a Nipyata to be the centerpiece of the whole night. If you’re unfamiliar, Nipyata’s are piñatas full of mini alcohol bottles (AKA Nips) of your choice.

Whether you want to smash the living shit out of the Nipyata to kick start your New Year’s Eve bash or you want to use it as your own personal “Times Square Ball”, you can’t go wrong. Plus, with the Nipyata, you’ll be guaranteed to see some sexy nips this New Year’s Eve. AMIRIGHT?!? I am.

Buy Here (Get 15% Off with code “BROBIBLE” at checkout)

Oh, and PS, there is still time to get a Nipyata for your Christmas celebrations too. So there’s that.

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