The Shape Of This Whiskey Glass Is Built To Extract The Most Possible Flavor

Norlan Whiskey Glass

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Whiskey, much like wine, needs to come in contact with oxygen in order to truly unlock the flavors within. The material of the glass you drink whiskey out of is also supposed to have a pretty significant effect (Glass vs Crystal vs Metal vs Plastic, etc). The Norlan Glass is said to be one of the most expertly designed whiskey glasses ever built. All aspects of this glass are designed to extract as much flavor out of the whiskey as possible, and whiskey aficionados all across the world have been going nuts for the Norlan Glass since it debuted (Buy Now: set of 2 for $48)

This clip from Business Insider shows what makes this whiskey glass so special:

The Norlan Glass is designed to enhance your whiskey tasting and has special fins on the inside. Swirling the whiskey before tasting creates a wave effect. This allows different molecules to surface which gives the whiskey a fuller flavor. This glass also helps evaporate more ethanol which can be harsh to the eyes, nose, and flavor of your whiskey. The tulip shape is also important because it helps direct the aromatics to your nose. This shape is reminiscent of the popular Glencairn Whiskey Glass. (via)

I’ve had these on my radar for quite some time. I recently invested in some etched crystal whiskey glasses so I’ll need to spend a few months breaking those in before I buy the Norlan Glass for myself but this whiskey glass has just skyrocketed to the top of my list for ‘things I want to buy myself in 2018’.

BUY NOW: $24 per Glass

Norlan Whiskey Glass


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