OtterBox Is Jumping In The Cooler Game With A Badass, Ultra Bear-Resistant Cooler

by 3 years ago

You probably know the company Otterbox for their rugged cell phone cases that turn your slim iPhone into a durable, water-resistant (sometimes….) brick. As an accident-prone human being who has shattered dozens of phones by dropping them, I love my Otterbox. It literally changed the game for me, saving me time and money and visits to the Apple store Genius bar with a phone that has shards of glass sticking out of it. If you have a busy, hectic lifestyle, Otterbox phone cases are pretty much a necessary insurance plan for your device.

But Otterbox is evolving to so much more than phone cases. OtterBox just launched their rugged Venture-series cooler series, jumping headfirst into a crowded outdoor lifestyle cooler space dominated by names like Yeti, RTIC, ORCA, and Grizzly. They have their work cut out for them in the marketplace, but there’s no doubt they’ll be able to compete when you see how the $349 Venture 45 cooler can be put through hell and back by a hungry bear.

This cooler will keep your beer cold for days AND is basically indestructible. Literally you can run over it with a forklift and your beer will still be fine. Perfect for music festivals, fishing trips, and extended camp outs in the deep wilderness — As BroBible’s Grizzly Adams wannabe, I’ve never needed something more in my life…



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