You’ll Fill These ‘People Who Can Kindly Go F Themselves’ Notebooks Pretty Quickly This Year


If you’re a man who doesn’t keep a pocket notebook handy, you’re less of a man. I’m not going to spend time explaining why every guy needs to have a pocket notebook because this article will handle that task. I’m here to tell you that after you come to your senses, this is the pocket notebook you’ll want to get immediately.

People Who Can Kindly Go Fuck Themselves Notebooks

Facebook trolls. Horrendous drivers. The guy who stands at the register of a fast food joint and studies the menu as a crowd of people who know what combo meal they’re definitely getting stand and wait. Yeah, some people can get on our nerves. To keep track of all those grudges, there’s the People Who Can Kindly Go Fuck Themselves Notebooks. Now you can keep tabs on your archenemies and evil foes, or, you know, just your grocery list.

These beauties come in packs of 2, measure 3.5 x 5″, come with 32 lined paper pages and are made in the good old USA.

The only problem will be that these notebooks are small and you’ll probably fill them with names rather quickly. Also, yeah, they’re kind of evidence when you do finally flip your skull and start losing it on the people you hate for real.

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