This Pico U Appliance Brews Any Drink In Minutes, From Morning Coffee To An Afternoon Beer

pico u brew machine

Want a fresh coffee, tea or even beer but don’t feel like putting in the work? This machine is the answer to your incredible laziness.

Meet Pico U, the world’s first universal brewing machine. Pico U is a smart and compact brewing appliance that makes it easy to create your favorite craft beverages. From your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning to a kombucha or yerba mate afternoon pick-me-up to delicious pints of fresh craft beer at the end of a long day, Pico U does it all.

You already know it’s simple to make coffee and tea with a machine but now making beer is just as simple. With the full-size step filter and 5-liter stainless steel brew keg, Pico U is ready to make delicious batches of craft beer. Load the PicoPak of your choice, add water, press the button, and you’re brewing.

The Pico U is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Pledge now and be the first to brew fresh drinks all day and night.


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