This Keychain-Sized Retro Gaming System Deserves All Our Money

by 2 months ago

PocketSprite Keychain Game Boy

Remember all those times you got busted with a Game Boy by parents or teachers because you couldn’t hide it fast enough? Too bad the PocketSprite wasn’t around yet. Probably because the technology wasn’t either.

PocketSprite is a keychain-size gaming device that plays Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Master System and a ton more retro games.

The PocketSprite has the look and feel of the classic Game Boy — complete with a mini D-pad and A, B, Start, and Select buttons — and works with WiFi and Bluetooth to download new games as they become available.

The PocketSprite perfectly into the pocket of even the skinniest jeans. And it’s not just tiny, it’s incredibly playable, with a full-featured emulation console that fits on your keyring.

It’s the perfect addition to your everyday carry arsenal and will make even the worst office meetings and blind dates fly by. Get one today before they sell out.

[PocketSprite via Cool Material]

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