These Poop Emoji Shoes Are Worth Every Damn Poop Dollar Spent On Them

Any poop dollar you choose to spend on these poop emoji shoes is a dollar well spent, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

BetaBrand’s ‘Poo Emoji Light Wing Franklin’ are currently in the ‘Fund Me’ stage for a measly $70.40, and you’d be a fool to not go buy them. While these badass kicks are covered in poop there is in fact NOTHING shitty about them, they are incredible and I want them.

Why do I want these poop emoji shoes ever so badly? That’s a question I need some time to reflect on inwardly, maybe by downing a 5th of Jack and seeking the deep answers within. But one thing is certain: I want the shoes covered in shit more than anything, and I’m willing to spend my hard earned poop dollar prank dollars on these if need be.

Shout out to The Verge for finding these incredible poop shoes.

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