PPK Rubber Band Gun Takes Office Wars To The Extreme

by 4 years ago


It can’t be all work and no play in the office. It also can’t be all play and no work. Unless you stock shelves at Toys R’ Us but that would suck because you can’t actually play with the toys. Plus any job involving extensive exposure to children and parents usually blows.

What the hell was I talking about? Oh right, fun at work. If your office likes to have a little fun and occasionally “go to war”, this PPK Rubber Band gun is a must-have. This 1960’s PPK model is crafted from solid white oak. It’s easy to load and fires 5 rubber bands up to 20 feet.


It’s the perfect size for office or fraternity house warfare and fits perfectly inside your messenger bag, desk drawer or down your pant. Its hand crafted in the USA and comes with a round of ammo (50 rubber bands) and won’t crack like a crappy plastic gun or your cubicle mate under intense questioning after being captured by the soldiers in accounting.

BUY IT NOW: $24.98

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