10 Preppy Summer Wardrobe Staples Every Bro Needs to Own


In the summer months, we like to stick with cotton bowties like the Wroxeter from Starboard Clothing Co. With a classic plaid pattern, this one dresses up or down with ease. If you prefer silk, look no further than the latest releases from Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray. These reversible silk bows are perfect for any summer event.


There are a ton of options out there, and if you're looking for something a bit more high society, our friends over at Oak Street Bootmakers are handmaking some fantastic shoes up in Maine. If you prefer something a bit more cost effective, we're basic Sperry Top-Sider guys. For less than $100 you can wear them all summer long and get rid of them if the smell is too much for you to handle. The Golds are a nice upgrade with a softer sole. 


For day to day wear, our go to is definitely the Skipjack polo from Southern Tide. With a fit that isn't too boxy, yet not slim by any means, the Skipjack is available in virtually any color you can imagine. On the golf course, or when we're looking for something even more casual, the Players Shirt from Criquet is the way to go, bar none.

Seersucker suits

Wear it together, wear it in pieces, wear it all summer long. If you're looking to keep things traditional, Brooks Brothers makes a fantastic option called “the Fitzgerald Suit” that will remain in your summer rotation for the majority of your adult life. If you are looking for something with a trimmer fit, or a bit different than the traditional blue/white combo, Bonobos has some great options.

GTH Pants

You could argue that Murray's Toggery in Nantucket started the Go To Hell pants trend with their Nantucket Reds, and even though they are a bit more washed out than many GTH options these days, kiss the ring and add a pair of originals to your collection. If you're looking for variety, or something that is just loud for the sake of being loud, you'd be hard pressed to beat the Bonobos washed chino lineup. Go nuts, just be ready for some comments.


A classic Oxford Cloth Button Down is a staple piece for us year round. Brooks Brothers has been our go to for these for years, and they truly get better with age. If you want something a bit more tailored, we've put some serious miles on our customs from Ratio Clothing and have nothing but great things to say.


Around here we spend a lot of time on and near the water, and for the water you can never go wrong with a pair of Costas. With the recent rerelease of the Grand Catalina, we think that will probably end up being our frame of choice this summer. For those days that things could get out of hand quickly, we make sure to grab a pair of polarized Knockarounds and leave the Costas at home. At only $35, it doesn't sting nearly as bad if these don't make it back in one piece.


A great hat will make or break you this time of year. For days when we are looking to add some color, the first pick is always the Lime Statement Hat from Starboard Clothing. For something a bit more low key, you can't go wrong with the Needlepoint American Flag Hat from Smathers & Branson. Speaking of Smathers & Branson, be sure to check out their badass American flag Needlepoint Belt. It's a 4th of July must-have.


Don't be the guy on the beach or at the pool in khaki shorts. Our picks this year are the Patchwork Swimsuit from Southern Proper, and the Blue Seersucker Nobadeer with embroidered sharks from Castaway.


Whether it is an impromptu trip to the beach, or a planned weekend with the boys, a great duffel is definitely on our list of Summer musts. If you're looking for something classic with a pop of color, the canvas Hudson Sutler weekenders are the way to go. If you want something with a bit more structure, the Worton Weekender from Blue Claw Co. won't disappoint. Made from ballistic nylon and leather, this duffel will stand up to everything you can throw at it and then some.

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