Celebrate The Summer Of 2016 With The Most America AF Tanks And Tees Ever


Memorial Day is a couple weeks away and the long summer months will be filled with sun, fun and…presidential election bullshit. Seriously, it’s going to be all over the place in the summer of 2016. So much so you’re going to want to just have the fucking election to get it all over with.

Show you’re proud of the country — even if it is going to hell — with these American as hell designs from American As Fuck.

All of Americas best are represented, from George H. to the original George W., Clinton, Reagan and even future president Trump. Plus Patrick Bateman because what’s more American than a serial killer with charm?

Trump Tank

Donald Trump — Gold Plated


George Warshington

George Bush

The Dubya Shark


Bill Clinton – Slayer in Chief 

Fore Fathers

Party Like Our Forefathers 

Donald Pump

The Donald Pump


Teddy Swolesevelt


Abe Lincoln vs. Grizzly


Ronald Reagan – Velociraptor


American Psycho