Get $20 Off Your Next Pair Of Golf Shorts Today

Proof Nomad Short Sale

Right now is the perfect weather for golf. Not too cold where you have to watch out for those chilly mornings, and not too hot to where you have to avoid the midday heatwave. If Goldilocks were here she’d say the conditions for golf are just right.

What the weather also means is shorts are still game for wearing to the course. And if you ask us, there’s no better combo than shorts and a pullover—it’s the golf equivalent of shorts and a hoodie.

Proof Nomad Short Sale

Check out these Proof Nomad Shorts. They’re on sale for $20 off right now and are made with performance wear materials that will move with you in all ranges of motion.

Couple those features with moisture-wicking DWR, zip-pockets, and matte black hardware, and you’ve got your next pair of shorts ready for that upcoming fall tournament.

Proof Nomad Short Sale

Shop grey, meteorite, navy, and tarmac colors over on Huckberry right now. We’ll tell you to act fast though. These gamers may sell out fast.

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