This Pair Of Custom Python Leather Yeezy Boost Is So Exclusive Even Kanye Himself Can’t Get Them

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Modern Vice

This pair of custom python leather Yeezy Boost made by Modern Vice is an homage to both Kanye West and the Chicago Bulls. This custom Yeezy Boost replica was made using 100% authentic python leather, they took 48-hours to cut and sew by hand, and seeing as there is only one pair in existence they’re virtually invaluable. That said, you’ll soon be able to bid on this one-of-a-kind pair of Yeezy Boost in an Ebay auction where all the proceeds will go towards the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

A few pictures of this pair of custom python leather Yeezy Boost have already begun to circulate the Internet, but because I just so happen to know one of the shoe’s co-designers (he’s @yo on Twitter), I was able to score exclusive behind-the-scenes pics of these shoes being built by hand. Here’s the latest creation from Modern Vice:


Shown above: Omar Bailey and Troy Osinoff


Modern Vice


Modern Vice


Modern Vice


Modern Vice

And here’s the finished product:


Modern Vice


Modern Vice


Modern Vice

Like I said before, even Kanye West can’t get his hand on these custom shoes from Modern Vice, one of NYC’s fastest growing handmade leather shoe manufacturers. I’ve actually been meaning to introduce Modern Vice to you bros for quite some time, but seeing as how I got the exclusive on these Yeezy Boost replicas now seems like as good a time as any to tell you about them. As of now Modern Vice is the ONLY shoe factory located on the island of Manhattan.

I asked Troy a few questions about how this unique shoe (designed by Omar Bailey, Jordan Adoni & Troy Osinoff) came about, their fast growing NYC shoe store, and what his plan is for these invaluable Yeezy’s. Here’s what he had to say:

Cass: So give me a quick overview of what brought this shoe to market?

Modern Vice: We really wanted to get creative with the Yeezy boost. We (at Modern Vice) were huge fans of the original shoe but wanted to pay homage to the Jordan 1’s / Chicago Bulls (as well as Kanye’s hometown of Chicago). We didn’t want to just dye the shoe or go with a basic design, we went all out and remade the shoe from the sole up with all real python leather.

Cass: What sort of materials went into the making of this shoe? Man hours? Any details you can give us on a potential auction for these shoes, and what you think they might fetch on street/what they’re worth at the moment?

Modern Vice: We made this in our NYC shoe factory using all real python, everything was cut and sowed by hand. The whole process took about 48 hours. It’s hard to put a price on this shoe since there are no others like it, but we expect it to fetch a few thousand dollars at auction considering the Boost is being sold on Ebay now for $2k~. We hope it fetches a high price, because we are going to be donating 100% of proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

In talking with Modern Vice it was obvious that this Yeezy Boost was the first of MANY custom shoes that’ll hit the market in the coming days. I doubt I’m alone in saying that I’m pretty stoked to see what comes next.

For more on Modern Vice you can check out their site by clicking here. You can peruse their blog to see which celebs are already wearing Modern Vice. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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