The Raptor Grill – The Ultimate Tailgating Grill – Is Only $69.99 Right Now (Nice)

by 3 years ago

It’s just a fact that food tastes better when it’s cooked a charcoal grill. There’s something about sizzling meat on open fire that gives food a delicious *touch* of extra flavor. That said, charcoal can be a real pain in the ass — It’s hard to clean, it’s time-consuming (…and, depending on how you feel about lighter fluid and your eyebrows, annoying) to light, and it sucks to put out.

Insert The Raptor Grill, a grill that calls itself the best tailgating grill of all time. In their own words, it’s a “unique patent pending charcoal grill that maximizes fuel efficiency, has a rapid cool down, and eliminates the need to get your hands dirty touching ash or charcoal.”

Hell yea to that.

Amazon is currently selling the Raptor Grill for $69.99 (nice), which is a markdown of $30 from the usual price. Perfect cop for the rest of tailgating season.

BUY IT NOW: $69.99

Check out what a Raptor is capable of. Those smoked ribs look freakin’ delicious.

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