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Rastaclat Dropped An Exclusive Bracelet In Honor Of Jackie Robinson Day

Rastaclat started as a gamechanger in the accessories industry. The brand’s iconic single lace bracelet created a cool new way to show off one’s style while also conveying a common message. That message is to “Seek the Positive” wherever you go in life.

Fast forward to today and Rastaclat continues to create one-of-a-kind bracelets that support positive initiatives.

Rastaclat Jackie Robinson Day Collaboration

Rastaclat occasionally creates original bracelets to raise awareness for specific causes. For example, Rastaclat has created bracelets to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pride Month in the past.

Today, April 15th, Rastaclat is releasing an exclusive bracelet to honor Jackie Robinson Day.

The bracelet represents the life and accomplishments of Jackie Robinson, as well as the adversity Jackie faced in his journey of breaking the color barrier in baseball.

Features of Jackie Robinson Day Bracelet

If you take a close look at the bracelet, you will notice it’s made of a soft polyester yarn that’s comfortable against the skin. The bracelet is hand-braided with a white and Dodger blue hue and features a patented barrel clasp with the “42” engraved on it.

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Our favorite design note is how the aglets of the bracelet have “ROBINSON” engraved on each one—a unique touch that shows the attention to detail Rastaclat is known for.

You can buy the Jackie Robinson Day Braided Bracelet in a one-size style that fits a wrist circumference from 6″ to 7.5″.

Rastaclat donates 1% of its net proceeds to its Seek the Positive Foundation.

Your purchase of a Jackie Robinson Day Bracelet will help support the foundation’s mission to impact human lives for the better through service, charitable grants, awareness campaigns for equality for all and for personal development, and more.

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