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Meet Rastaclat, The Brand That’s Been Spreading Positivity Through Its Products For Over A Decade Now

Rastaclat has been selling some of the most unique bracelets for well over a decade now.

While many are familiar with Rastaclat’s iconic single lace bracelet, however, some might not know the brand was built on an idea first—the idea is to “Seek the Positive” wherever you go in life.

A Symbol of Positivity and Doing Good

Rastaclat’s founder, Daniel Kasidi, came up with the concept of the brand in high school. Kasidi wanted to create something to convey the idea that we as humans always have a choice when it comes to how we view the world.

Having a positive outlook on life inspires confidence in ourselves and others. It’s also an idea that naturally unites us together as human beings.

Rastaclat’s bracelets are therefore more than just a style choice (even though they’re some of the best looking bracelets out there), they’re a symbol that serves as a reminder to be the good you wish to see in the world.

Seek the Positive Foundation

Rastaclat donates 1% of all net proceeds to its Seek the Positive Foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to impact human lives for the better through service, charitable grants, awareness campaigns for equality for all and for personal development, and more.

learn more about seek the positive foundation here

Rastaclat will occasionally create original bracelets to raise awareness for specific causes. For example, Rastaclat has created bracelets to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pride Month.

Rastaclat Best Sellers

It’s true that the brand has a wide array of styles for all types of personal preferences. To give you an idea of all that Rastaclat offers, we’ve rounded up a number of our favorite best sellers.

From solid colors to unique patterns, to special collaborations, these curated picks reflect the entire range of bracelets Rastaclat has to offer.

We’ve broken down Rastaclat’s best-sellers into a few different categories for easy reading. Tap on the button under each image to shop!

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Rastaclat Bracelets You Can Wear with Anything

A good starter Rastaclat bracelet will be one in neutral and naturals colors. Think black, white, wood grain, and more.

You can wear these bracelets with virtually anything. They’re versatile in styling from casual, everyday outfits to beachwear, and more!


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Unique Colors and Patterns

Below are some of the more distinct designs from Rastaclat. We’re talking high-quality patterns and designs you won’t see from other brands.

If you like camouflage, you’ll definitely want to check out the desert and woodland camo bracelets. For the sneakerheads out there, ASPHALT is a play on a popular pattern used on a coveted sneaker.

And if you want something vibrant, UNITED is a design inspired by all the flags of the world.


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Best for Festivals and Concerts

Last we have a few selections we see best for festivals and concerts.

All-day events (and sometimes all weekend events) require preparation. Part of that preparation is how you dress. To play up your style for the next big show you’re attending, these bracelets are going to amplify your outfit—and your energy!

TALL & FAST is a wild combination of jungle prints. SEEK THE POSITIVE and POSITIVE VIBES are special in the fact they’re a single flat lace and feature positive messaging you can easily read.


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