Why A Ridge Wallet Is ‘The Last Wallet I’ll Ever Buy’

I’ve been carrying around my overstuffed bifold leather wallet for way too long now, and it’s been time for an upgrade. Like a year ago.

My current wallet is full of stuff I don’t use; like old credit cards and, yep, even a couple of six-month-old Powerball tickets. Truth be told, I only use five or so different cards, plus my ID and some cash, so it’s not like I need to carry around all this excess stuff everywhere I go.

Given the bulk of this damn thing, the only place I can even fit it is in my back pocket. Problem is, anytime I sit down somewhere, I’m leaning to one side because of this mountain of a wallet I’m sitting on. Plus, it’s super uncomfortable, which has even led to some back pain recently. I’m not old. You’re old.

Fed up with my nightmare of a wallet, I did the one thing every guy does to solve a problem: Search the Internet to find something more functional, and, most importantly, compact.

Instead of falling down a frustrating hole of distraction online, I came across one of the best wallets for guys: The Ridge; which kept popping up pretty much everywhere I looked.

The Ridge Wallet boasts next-to-impossible stats: 40,000+ five-star reviews, and over two million wallets sold.

Yep, you heard me, two million. That’s crazy.

I was a little skeptical, but I checked out the site and the reviews really do speak for themselves.

Just take a look below at some of the things people are saying:

“I’ll never go back to a regular wallet. When I first got this wallet, it took some getting used to since it was so light and compact. I love it more than ever now! I can quickly and conveniently pull out whatever card I need extremely quick and everything feels more efficient. This wallet is also extremely durable and light at the same time. I don’t understand it, but I love it!” – Jordan B., Verified Buyer

“Why’d I wait so long? Nice change from my clunky trifold leather dad wallet. I love it.” – James M., Verified Buyer

“Sleek Wallet! A Must Buy!!! This wallet significantly trimmed down what I was carrying around. I went from a traditional leather wallet to this sleek money clip! I am a huge fan as I have all 12 of my cards and cash.” – Chris C., Verified Buyer

Now, there’s only so much a man can do with a bunch of reviews and sleek product shots of a wallet online. That’s why the real magic of The Ridge wallet comes when it’s in your hand. No joke, it’s the same size as a credit or business card, but has some nice heft to it without being overly heavy — especially the Forged Carbon wallet, which is what I went with.

I was a little worried about my credit cards’ edges getting messed up by inserting them into the wallet, but they slide right in thanks to one of they many super detailed design features — the wallet has a beveled edge on the interior of the custom metal plates so cards literally slide right in like butter.

In addition to keeping my credit cards secure, when you fold over bills, all your cash fits cleanly into the strap — even though most of us don’t carry much paper money around anymore. They also offer a money clip, and that sucker is screwed on tight. Literally.

The overall design of the wallet is pretty smart. It’s basically a front and back plate held in with seven screws on each side. I relaxed the screws a little bit to allow more room for my cards.

Once I had my cards and cash fully loaded into the wallet, the difference between my old wallet and The Ridge wallet looked like this.

Thickness-wise, The Ridge wallet’s about 60% slimmer than my current (now old) wallet. And since it’s RFID blocking, it’s also just as secure (if not more secure) than that bulky thing I had been carrying around for way too long.

For those guys who have lots of credit or debit cards, you’ve got no need to worry about The Ridge holding them all. That’s because it actually fits up to 12 cards — which is a crazy amount given how slim this thing is. If you want to get the cards that are in the middle, press the indent with your index finger to pop out outer cards, and pinch bottom and then it sort of fans out so you can grab the cards in the middle.

Although I only carry about six cards maximum, when comparing The Ridge wallet to my other one, it’s about half the size. When I fully load it with my cards/cash it’s slightly thinner than the width of my thumb.

Oh, and because it’s made from the same stuff used on spaceships, you’ve got no worries when it comes to The Ridge holding up over time. I’ve already dropped it, tossed it, and so far not even a scratch.


Look, it can be tough to trust other people online; so I was skeptical given all the positive reviews about The Ridge wallet. While I was resistant to believe in all the hype at first, it sure has surpassed my expectations — and will, no doubt, be the last wallet I’m ever going to buy. Based on pure functionality, and the sleek design, The Ridge Wallet is the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever seen.

I just load it and go. That’s it.


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