Bro’s Text Game Must’ve Been On Point For This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Literally Catch Fire In A Burger King

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It’s been two month since Samsung released its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone, before immediately recalling millions of them after reports of several of them exploding while charging.

Last month, we reported that the South Korean smartphone giant said it had found 24 devices with problems for every million sold, vowing to offer customers a new phone for free to replace all 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s. Each phone costs a hefty $850 retail.

The news is particularly catastrophic especially when you consider the Note 7 received near perfect reviews from most media outlets including CNETTrusted ReviewsTech RadarAndroid Authority, and PC Mag.

In the latest disaster for Samsung, a Burger King employee in Korea was filmed handling a a burning Galaxy Note 7 in the restaurant while it billowed with smoke. The video was posted to YouTube and immediately went viral just two days before Samsung announced it was stopping production of the defective phones.

When you send a fire shirtless selfie but she just ain’t ready…



Samsung, we’d expect this out of Boost Mobile, but not you. Get your shit together.

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