Your Sick Mental Photographs Just Went Hi-Tech, Smart Contact Lenses With Built-In Camera Will Destroy Us All

digital smart contact lens


If you’ve ever wanted to snap selfies or record Vines with your eyes, you’re in luck. Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for a smart contact lens that has a built-in camera with blinking sensors. If only they could throw those sensors on the car that’s had its blinkers on for the past five miles.

Oh, sensors on your retinas not scary or awesome enough for you? There are also embedded antennas that send the filthy dirty content to your smartphone-like device of choice for processing then uploading. The authorities at subway systems who came up with the slogan, “If you see something, say something” should really enjoy the thousands of pics and vids of ratchet backpacks coming their way.



According to reports, the smart contact lens is Samsung’s response to Google Glass-like wearables and would take your augmented reality game to a realer than real level, projecting your peculiar viewing habits right into the windows to your soul. The best part? Not a peep from any peeps around you as they visuals can’t be seen from the other side, meaning you’re wearing a one-way mirror from your favorite cop show’s interrogation room.

michael j fox back to the future 2 glasses

One reporter feels looking and blinking might be too awkward, suggesting a smartphone’s touchpad would be more sensible. Somehow, that makes whatever shady creepster moment you’re trying to capture even worse. You’re standing there eyes wide open trying not to blink as you’re also fumbling around with your iPad in a ladies locker room. You only have so much time, man.

google glass sex call mom

Samsung’s not alone in their plans for the complete annihilation of privacy, they’re actually behind the curve:

“Google owns two patents for smart contact lenses with flexible electronics and sensors that read the chemicals in the tear fluid of the wearer’s eyes to determine if their blood sugar levels have fallen to fatal levels.”

Yeah, sure, Google. It’s not because you get joy from human’s tears, you Big Brother wannabe. I’m pretty sure that’s how Google powers most Android devices.

Via Mashable