Live Your Best Life This Winter With These Comfy Indoor/Outdoor Slippers From SeaVees

SeaVees Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Winter fashion and style is generally our time to shine. We get to layer our most comfortable clothing when we’re out and about, and at home, we get to wear the comfiest things we own. When we think of winter clothes we typically think of jeans, thick sweaters, and boots but I’m here to tell you bros that indoor/outdoor slippers are the quickest way to start living your best life.

SeaVees makes these in two styles, the Indoor/Outdoor Slipper and the Indoor/Outdoor Slipper Shoe. The shoe has a raised back like your typical shoe whereas with the slipper you just slide right in. These wool slippers have a durable rubber sole so you can wear them around town while running errands and stay warm.

People say these are ideal for popping out to hit the deli, walking the dog, running to the store, etc. but I personally believe they’re ideal for wearing all day long. I’ve also flown in these and they’re perfect for lengthy travel all year long. Below, we’ve got the Slipper and Slipper Shoe in both Grey and Navy for you to check out!

SeaVees Indoor Outdoor Slippers

SeaVees Indoor Outdoor Slippers

— Exclusive SeaVees house shoes available only at Huckberry
— Versatile design and tread allow for both indoor and outdoor use
— Can be worn either with or without socks due to odor reducing woolen construction
— Woolen felt uppers lined in french micro terry are stitched to a soft woolen felt midsole
— Wrapped together with an ultra-thin foxing tape and vulcanized atop the natural gum rubber calendar outsole for maximum slipper comfort and SeaVees classic sneaker style

Like what you see? Follow the link below to shop all the styles and colors!


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