Sex Panther! Plus 10 Things We Want

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iPhone PocketPlug, $69.93

The case that charges your phone. Yes, really: In a relatively sleek package the PocketPlug actually manages to hide a plug that you can unveil whenever you're near an outlet and your phone is showing that dreaded red 8%. I managed to snag one two weeks ago, and for a forgetful guy with a battery constantly in danger of death, it's been a lifesaver. Plus, no more frayed and fucked-up iPhone cords! That's worth the purchase alone.

TaylorMade SpeedBlades, $799.99

TaylorMade just released its newest set of irons, the SpeedBlades, combining a striking look with what they promise to be unprecedented speed, launch, spin, feel, sound. A major difference between TaylorMade and its competitors is its progressive shaping throughout the set—short irons are designed for more control; the more difficult long irons to inspire confidence at address. And there's a reason the club has gained a well-deserved reputation for more distance than any other. The ball goes far.

Society43 Sunglasses, $20+

Today is Saturday. Today is Game Day. Wear your school's colors with Society43, the affordable, undoubtedly cool shades that bring to mind a classic Wayfarer style, if it sported hundreds of color schemes. (Our favorites? A tossup between Texas A&M's 12th Man and Oregon.)

SMS In-Ear Headphones, $99

50 Cent is the latest rapper to throw his bulletproof vest into the headphones game—because he was shot, you see—and his deluxe audio selections may just be the best of the bunch. Under the umbrella of SMS Audio, 50 now sells both over-the-ear and in-ear wired headphones. The sound quality is crisp and, if you want it, very loud. 

Sony Xperia Z1, $TBA

This smartphone might be a pretty niche, but if you're looking for a phone that also includes one of the best digital cameras on the market, Sony's flagship Xperia Z1 is your go-to. The camera is a 20-megapixel with a large sensor. It's also waterproof. AND, the Xperia comes with and something called “X-Reality,” which sounds cool and vaguely evil.

iPhone 5S, $199+

Here's that other phone you may have heard about lately: the iPhone 5S, announced to now-typical hysteria two weeks ago. It comes with a (very) fast 64-bit chip, improvements to the camera (including image stabilization), and a futuristic touch ID that'll allow you to unlock your phone with a fingerprint scan. The camera also comes in gold. GOLD. 

All-American Boots, $160

Started by five Texas women as a way to connect civilians with military vets, a percentage of all Boot Campaign sales assists wounded military and their families with job placement, mortgage free homes, and PTSD counseling. It's a good cause.

Monsieur, $TBD

From our friends at Thrillist:

“A more elegant and streamlined rig than any prior artificially intelligent hooch swiller we've seen, theMonsieur was developed by a team of engineers and computer scientists tired of waiting more than a couple of minutes for their Manhattan at a crowded bar. Via a complex series of tubes, pumps, sensors and special packets it can be programmed to pour up to 300 different precisely mixed cocktails on demand. Simply browse through the touchscreen cocktail list or app for a beverage.”

It's a Keurig! For booze!

Sex Panther, $35

60% of the time, it works… every time. It's sex panthers, made with bits of real panther.

This is a real cologne. For sale. You kind of have to buy it.

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