This Is The Best iPhone X Wallet Case On The Market And It Comes In 16 Different Styles

slim classic iPhone X Wallet Cast jimmyCASE

My dudes, I wanted to put the Slim Classic iPhone X Wallet Case on your radar today because I genuinely believe these 16 styles are the best wallet cases out on the market. The new and improved jimmyCASE models feature protective bumpers to keep your delicate iPhone X safe and they have custom-milled mahogany cores for strength.

We’re not making any money for promoting this product, I just genuinely believe that jimmyCASE makes the best iPhone wallet cases around. They perfected the design several years ago with the original jimmyCASE and have continued to pump out the best iPhone wallet cases around with each new generation of iPhone. I’ve been in contact with the dudes who make jimmyCASE wallet cases for a while and have had one myself for several years. They agreed to offer 20% OFF on ALL orders with promo code ‘JIMMYBROS20’ at checkout.

slim classic iPhone X Wallet Cast jimmyCASEslim classic iPhone X Wallet Cast jimmyCASE

The Slim Classic iPhone X Wallet Case holds 6 cards and cash, it offers full-frame/lay-on-table screen protection, they are handmade in California, and they offer free shipping worldwide. There are 16 different color styles of the Slim Classic iPhone X Wallet Case. The newest launch is the black-on-black ‘Black Maple’ version that’s stylish AF.

I’m not here to tell you what’s best for you and your lifestyle. But, if you are looking for a wallet case for your iPhone X then the Slim Classic iPhone X Wallet Case from jimmyCASE is the best you are going to find. You can shop all the styles by following the link below, but be sure to use PROMO CODE ‘JIMMYBROS20’ for 20% off all orders.

BUY NOW: Use Promo Code ‘JIMMYBROS20’

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