Brewing Beer At Home Just Got Easier Than Ever Before — Meet The Future Of Homemade Beer Brewing

For quite some time now the SodaStream has absolutely OWNED the homemade soda making market. You’ve undoubtedly seen the SodaStream on shelves during every major shopping season (before holidays), and there’s a decent chance that you’ve either purchased one for someone or you’ve been gifted a SodaStream before. They’re a publicly traded company (SodaStream International Ltd., Nasdaq: SODA) and the product is available at over 70,000 retail locations worldwide, including 13,000 stores here in the United States. I only threw those numbers out there to impress upon you bros how this is actually a pretty huge f’n deal that they’ve decided to get into the home brewing beer market, and it appears that they’ve revolutionized the home brewing market in one fell swoop by introducing this new product.

Announced today on, SodaStream International has unveiled the ‘Beer Bar’:

AIRPORT CITY, Israel, May 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SodaStream International Ltd. (Nasdaq: SODA), the leading global manufacturer and distributor of Sparkling Water Makers, has announced the release of its new home beer system, the Beer Bar. The brand is an exciting concept of making quality home-crafted beer using sparkling water and a unique beer concentrate brewed to perfection.
The Beer Bar is unveiled with a light beer called Blondie that has a smooth authentic taste, and a hop filled aroma. The Beer Bar enables consumers to concoct crafted beer in seconds by adding Blondie concentrate to Sparkling Water. Blondie contains 4.5% alcohol by volume, the average level found in most global beer brands. A one liter Blondie bottle yields approximately three liters of beer.
We are excited to launch a brand dedicated to serving the global growing trend of home crafted beer,” says Daniel Birnbaum, Chief Executive Officer of SodaStream. “Our core carbonation technology and distribution infrastructure provide a great platform for us to extend our business into this emerging category, and we choose to do so with a dedicated beer brand.”
SodaStream chose to first launch the Beer Bar in some of Europe’s beer capitals. The product is available in SodaStream Germany’s online store and at leading retailers in Switzerland. Other markets are expected to launch the Beer Bar in late 2016 and 2017.

So these one off ‘home brewing’ systems have been around for years, but I get the feeling that this is a whole lot bigger. SodaStream has one of the best/largest distribution networks in the world and they can basically put a stranglehold on the market overnight before someone like Keurig can get in there with a similar pod system.

It’s not clear how long it’ll take before this comes to the United States but I’d expect that we see it very, VERY soon. For more on this announcement you can click on over to!

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