This Solar Powered Cube Light Is A Badass Addition To Your Camp Site

Having to “go” is a fact of life. And sometimes that fact of life smacks you right in the bladder when you’re zipped up in your tent, fast asleep after an evening of pounding heady IPAs around a campfire. It sucks when your headlamp or flash light is out of reach and you have to wonder through a dark music festival campground to a porta potty or – let’s be real here – tree to pee.

This happened to me on Friday night in upstate New York. Had to pee at five in the morning while nestled into bed after the music stopped. Except it was pitch black and I couldn’t find my flashlight and I knew about 50 yards of mud, tall grass, and random tents was between me and a porta potty.

The lifesaver? Solight Design’s solar-powered cube light. It provides 12-hours of light in a handsome glowing cube. All you have to do to get a full charge is stick the solar-panels on your dashboard when you’re driving into the woods. It only weights 2.6 ounces and provides a really nice, ambient glow to light up the night.

The SolarPuff is also waterproof, made of hybrid PET sailcloth, and floats. If you need a brighter option, check out the one that emits a bright white light from it’s powerful LED lighting ring.

Both are priced pretty much the same. If you’re an outdoor nighthawk like myself, use it over and over again. Best $30 ever spent.



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