This Solar Sport Watch Is A MUST HAVE For Any Bro On The Go (46% Off!!)

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For any of you bros who were wondering why I wasn’t posting the ‘BroBible Deal of the Day’ myself the past few days, I apologize for the absence. I was out in California for a few days (post on that coming later) doing some fishing, surfing, and any other activity under the sun you can think of. After a solid 4 days of non-stop exercise I’m so damn sore today I can barely stand up out of my desk chair, but hot dang was that one of the best trips I’ve taken in years. I only tell you all of this because when I was out in SoCal sitting in the water on a surfboard I often found myself needing to know the time.

Whether it was figuring out how long it’d been since I last applied sunscreen (I’m a pretty freckled human being, and I’m already peeling from not applying enough sunblock), or if it was needing to know how much time I had left in the water before needing to head to lunch or dinner…it really seemed like I always needed to keep track of the time. Here in NYC I’ve usually got my iPhone with me, except when I’m out for a run or at the gym. I forget at what point in the past few days I had the epiphany, but I realized that there are still huge chunks of my life when I really do need a watch. Even when I’m fishing a watch is valuable to track the time, as my hands are often covered in fish slime and/or blood (not ideal to get on my iPhone).

So I started looking into the top rated sport watches on the market, and this Solar Sport Men’s Watch from Casio is actually the #1 rated sport watch out there today. You can imagine my surprise when I went to purchase one and saw that it was 46% off on Amazon. It was at that point that I realized I had to share this watch with you bros here today, as it’s both on-sale and the top rated men’s sports watch on the market. This is perfect for the gym, for the beach, when you’re in the water, when you’re out for a jog and don’t want to bring headphones or your phone…It’s made in America, and it’s solar-powered. So BUY IT NOW before it sells out (stocks are limited)!!!!

Casio Men’s Solar Sport Combination Watch (46% Off!!)





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