Are You A Dick Who Likes To Creep Through Your Girl’s Phone? This New App Lets You Do That Without Getting Caught

For all the men out there who are insecure to the point that creeping through your girl’s phone is an absolute must-do, there’s now a convenient app that lets you do just that…without getting caught.

“The mCouple app shows text messages, contacts, call history, and Facebook messages in real time.
It can even show you the GPS co-ordinates of the phone, allowing you to see exactly where your partner is at all times.”

Yes, the mCouple not only lets you read her texts, but you can even stalk her with the GPS feature. The days of discretely tailing her with at least 3 cars between the two of you while she’s supposedly doing seemingly innocent activities like grocery shopping are long gone, now you can just drive directly to where that cheating whore is and…oh wait. She’s actually at Whole Foods. Whoops.

” To use the app, the users must agree to having it installed on their phone.
However, internet users have pointed out it is possible to simply buy a phone, load the software, then give it to your partner.”

In a relationship where you feel the need to spy on your partner, is a phone loaded with a secret spy app really that much of a stretch? Of course not, because people are assholes. But if you have any doubts to whether the app works or not, look no further than the Google Play page for reviews.

“One users claims the app worked on his girlfriend’s phone.
‘It really works. Thanks to this app, I am single right now because I caught my ex girlfriend cheating, ‘ he wrote on the Apps Google Play page.
‘t hurts but I really thank you guys because I found out what’s true.
‘By the way she was the one who told mo to download this one.’
The free app creates an ID for each user.
Users can share IDs and start ‘mutually tracking’ each other’s devices.”

Via Daily Mail

Wonderful. Insecure assholes everywhere, rejoice.

[H/T Daily Mail]