Steven Spielberg’s Selling His 282ft Yacht Complete With An Infinity Pool And Helipad…So Who Wants To Go Halvesies?

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As of this month The Seven Seas is up for sale. The Seven Seas is a 282-foot mega yacht owned by Steven Spielberg (why didn’t he call it ‘The Steven Seas’?!?!), and it features an infinity pool, seven suites, a helicopter landing pad, a tender garage (to house your other boat), and more. Currently Steven Spielberg‘s renting out The Seven Seas for $1.25 million PER WEEK (£800,000), but he’s listed the boat for sale at $185 million. So if any of you bros are looking to go in on a mega yacht that we can use to both bounce around the Mediterranean and Caribbean AND use as a rental when we’re not chilling on it, hit me up down in the comments and we can go halvesies on the $185 million.

The director of critically acclaimed films such as The Adventures Of Tintin, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and other less revered movies like E.T., Saving Private Ryan, Hook, and Jurassic Park knows how to treat himself for making a goddamn fortune at the box office, and he does so by first buying a 282-foot mega yacht named The Seven Seas after success early on in his career. But that was then, back when he was making films like Gremlins, The Goonies, and Back to the Future, movies that he knew were complete sh*t but would make a killing at the box office because America is full of sheeple who will spend $$$$$ on anything at the box office as long as the Hollyweird Hype Machine is promoting it effectively.


YouTube / PortFever


YouTube / PortFever

Times have changed, and Mr. Spielberg’s really buttoned up his career and has gotten to a place where HE ONLY puts out films of the utmost quality and importance, films like Transformers: Age of Extinction, Cowboys & Aliens, and Men In Black 3. Now that Mr. Spielberg’s buckled down and is REALLY bringing in vast fortunes from the finest films the world has ever known he’s looking to upgrade to a bigger, better, more expensive yacht, and it’s for that reason that Mr. Spielberg’s put The Seven Seas up for sale.

For just $185 million you’ll be able to own Mr. Spielberg’s yacht, The Seven Seas, as he shells out over $250 million for his next mega yacht (£160 million). His next mega yacht, according to The Daily Mail, will actually only be a mere 18-feet longer than The Seven Seas, measuring 300-feet. However, it will be furnished will all of the most state of the art amenities imaginable, and will be more advanced and luxurious to keep up with the caliber of needs from someone like Director Spielberg.

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