These Are The Stupidest Gifts Of 2015 And Boob Earmuffs Are A Thing That Exist, the authority on all things dumb and purchasable, released their list of the stupidest gifts of 2015.

The gifts are about as dumb and useless as it gets but I guarantee unfortunate people will unwrap more than a few of the stupidest gifts of 2015 this year. They’re not even funny for a minute, let alone the years of hilarity that are supposed to come with the purchase of a farting reindeer or a Xmas sweater with an ass crack on it.

The top 10 stupidest gifts of 2015 include reindeer butt ornaments, man sacks, potty pianos and wine glass on top of a wine bottle. Basically, everything in your uncle’s “home office” in the back of the garage. “It’s bass that sings! And you put it on the wall! Life doesn’t get fucking better!”

Stupidest Gifts of 2015

  1. Farting Reindeer Butt Ornament
  2. Butt Crack Santa Sweater
  3. The Man Sack
  4. The Wine Bottle Glass
  5. Boob Ear Muffs
  6. Magic Poop
  7. Potty Piano
  8. Mitten Flask
  9. Finger Hands
  10. The Gift Siren

If you love your relative, and want to get them decent gifts, I suggest shopping here instead.


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