The ‘T-Bone’ Is Your New Best Friend: An All-In-One Car Charger That’l Work With Every Device You’ve Got

by 2 years ago

Schatzii Cleer Gear

I’m probably a statistical anomaly in that I (1) spend all day checking my phone and laptop and (2) also spend all day in an office that has chargers attached to every electrical outlet in sight…that is until recently. Now that I’ve recently transitioned from walking everywhere in NYC to a life where I’m once again getting in the car every time I need to go somewhere or run an errand I’m suddenly realizing just how fucking important a good car charger is.

On Monday I burned through one of those white iPhone lightning cables that got twisted around and wires were exposed, I went to pull it out of the port and burnt the crap out of my fingers (not cool Apple). So like I said, I’ve suddenly realized (once again) just how important a quality car charger is…Enter the ‘T-BONE’ all-in-one car charger, which is on sale today and marked down 28% off:

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