Get A Load Of This 14-Year-Old Rejecting A $30 Million Buyout Offer For His First Aid Vending Machine Idea

taylor rosenthal recmed ceo first aid vending machine

Taylor Rosenthal is the 14-year-old CEO of RecMed, a company that makes first aid vending machines for use at theme parks or stadiums. Rosenthal debuted his startup idea at TechCrunch Disrupt in Brooklyn and was told he’s the youngest person to ever get accepted to the event. He claims he’s already raised $100,000 in investments and has rejected a $30 million buyout.

Here’s a video interview he did with CNN Money…

Can you imagine being the guy who offered $30 million to a freckle-faced, metal-mouthed, high-voiced kid two years into his teens and getting turned down? That would be a tough one to get over. Might have to saddle up to the bar for a few dozen rounds, maybe even explore the depths of your own depravity locked in your room for a week.

I picture that adult-kid interaction being like the Trump Plaza concierge trying to talk down to Kevin in Home Alone 2 and getting owned by someone whose jingle bells haven’t joined the party yet.

home alone 2 tim curry concierge

Here’s Taylor’s original pitch to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (“YEA”)…

“… this cuts into the time you could be having a blast riding rides.” SOLD! I also love that he throws RV parks into the mix of places where this could be used. Lord knows we still haven’t learned to prep for the inevitable knife fights that go down there.

Pretty sure Taylor’s reasoning for creating the vending machine (cheaper than hiring someone at minimum wage) will be the same reason T3: Rise of the Machines will eventually become a documentary – unemployment will skyrocket and we’ll all end up like the sorry suckers in Idiocracy. Frickin’ whiz kids!

Via CNN Money

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