Looking For New Fairway Woods At Really Low Prices? TaylorMade’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood Is Now $111.99

I get it. Not everyone wants to drop $299 on one golf club just because it’s the newest on the market. If you’re an equipment junkie, you might pull the trigger and do it, but for most amateur golfers, it doesn’t matter if you’re gaming a brand new AreoBurner that you bought for $111.99 at a STEEP discount or the shiny new M1 ($299) or M2 ($249).

So if you do need new fairway woods, you should give these AreoBurners a shot. For less than the cost of one M1 or even M2, you can get a new 3 and 5 metal and still have money left over to blow on hookers and cocaine. Or whatever it is you spend your money on. No judgement.

Buy Here: $111.99

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