Tesla Model-S Driver Filmed Asleep At The Wheel In The Middle Of Heavy Traffic Lets The Autopilot Take Over

If there’s one globally known company that embodies cutting edge technology above the rest it’s most certainly Tesla Motors. Elon Musk’s electric vehicle empire is proof that the future is now, that future we used to dream about back when we were children watching Saturday morning cartoons and everyone on TV had a flying car.

Sure, we don’t really have widespread flying cars yet but what we lack in personal aircraft we make up for with the self-driving vehicles, most notably the Tesla Model-S that is seen in the video above. And just like the opening sequence of The Jetsons where George would use his auto-pilot flying car to shave and get dressed for work so too is the modern man using the auto-pilot feature to be lazy, only in this case the person’s passed the fuck out in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic somewhere in what appears to be California:

Here’s what is supposedly happening according to Electrek:

The Autopilot’s Autosteer and active cruise control appear to be moving the vehicle in heavy traffic while the driver is filmed looking like he is asleep in a GIF posted to Imgur earlier today.
Tesla’s Autopilot requires the driver to always monitor the vehicle and be ready to take control. If the system lacks data to continue to actively steer the vehicle safely, it will show an alert on the dashboard.
If the driver ignores the alert for too long, it will emit a sound and decelerate while activating the hazard lights and moving the vehicle to the side of the road. The vehicle basically assumes that the driver is unconscious if he can’t take control after visual and audible alerts.
In this case, it seems like the Autopilot is still very much in control and therefore is not bothering the sleeping driver – now a simple passenger.

I guess we have our answer to this question, huh?

Whatever, the future is now and we have cars that drive themselves. Throw all your savings into Tesla Motors stock because that company will rule the world one day.

(via r/videos)