The ‘Jerk Shirt’ Was Built For Exactly You Know What, And The Infomercial Is Almost Too Good To Be True

So the people behind the website CamSoda just announced The JerkShirt®, a shirt with a prothetic arm and a splash guard so that you can do you know what and never get caught again. If you’ve ever been walked in on by your parents or siblings while getting to know yourself in the biblical sense then you know that it’s something you want to avoid at all costs. The informercial above for The JerkShirt® is easily one of the best dry humor videos I’ve seen in months, and ss much as I want to believe The JerkShirt® is a complete joke, it’s actually not.

There’s an entire website devoted to The JerkShirt®, and it’s available for preorder now:







A press release even went out announcing the arrival of this shirt to the world:

NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 12, 2016) – Today, CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform that released the first live VR experience, debuted The JerkShirt to provide undercover masturbatory pleasure. The JerkShirt features a dress shirt option with a fully functional prosthetic arm. Individual’s real hands are hidden underneath the shirt allowing undercover stimulation anytime, anywhere without the fear of getting caught in the act.
Now available for pre-order, The JerkShirt features a stain resistant splash guard, prohibiting common stains and providing easy clean up. Like any other shirt, when the user has finished, simply put it in the washer and continue to use it again and again. Additionally, upon ordering, users are able to select between light, beige, tan and dark tone options for the fully bendable prosthetic arm.
“With more and more people on their mobile devices than ever before, we wanted to provide them with a seemingly inconspicuous way to enjoy adult entertainment. Enter the JerkShirt,” said Daron Lundeen, President, Camsoda. “People no longer have to live in fear of being caught mid-jerk. Now, those who adorn themselves in a JerkShirt are able to conveniently enjoy some hand-to-gland combat under cover.”

Again, as much as I want to believe that this is a joke there’s a landing page for pre-orders, and this is a product launched by a massive company (CamSoda). So if you’re interested in ordering one for yourself or sending a Jerk Shirt to one of your bro’s houses then you can check out their landing page by clicking HERE.