The ‘Stealth Shovel’ Is The Ultimate Collapsable Snow Shovel, Now Available On Huckberry

Winter is here. Do you have what you need for a trip in the mountains? You know the usuals: Snow chains, an ice scrapper, a blanket, emergency flares, rock salt and/or kitty litter for traction?

If you’re heading somewhere and a dumping is in the forecast, maybe throw in a portable shovel to dig yourself out. Beats waiting for for the blizzard to melt.

The Stealth Shovel from DMOS – now available on Huckberry – is the ultimate lightweight shovel for roughing-it situations. The handle is collapsable and packs up for easy storage in the back of your truck or SUV and only weighs three and a half pounds. It can handle a hard day of digging – according to the manufacturer, it’s been stress-tested to withstand 3886 pounds of force.

If you’re looking for a more traditional shovel for off-roading and other backcountry adventures, DMOS also makes a 33″ compact delta shovel. It’s also available on Huckberry.

DMOS Stealth Shovel in Black w/ Red Handle

  • Packable design collapses for easy transport
  • Indestructible aluminum won’t bend
  • 56.5″ of length provides powerful leverage for quick shoveling
  • Oversize blade efficiently removes snow and dirt, with toothed edge for breaking up hard pack and grooming shoveled surfaces
  • Anodized coating for ultimate durability in the toughest conditions
  • Can survive any environment and suitable for use in all four seasons


Here are two videos of the Stealth Shovel at work: 

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