The 5 Things We Love Most About the Motorola Moto X

Everything about it rocks. From the sleek look to the ultra-fast OS, the Moto X is at the top of the cell phone. Here are the top five reasons it should be in your pocket.

5. It's 100% made in the U.S.A. 
That's right, the phone is the kind of stuff Springsteen writes songs about. Every part comes from inside America. 

4. It costs as low as $99.
That's less than a weekend of drinking. For that, you can have one of the sharpest cell phones out there. #NoBrainer

3. Twist controls.
Shake your wrist and the phone becomes your camera. Now there is no missing that once-in-a-lifetime shot while you fumble for your camera app. 

2. A battery that keeps you going. 
The battery is designed for a full 24 hours of constant use. No bro can outparty or out-text this phone. 

1. It's your phone. 
Watch the video below. You can make this phone whatever you like. It is 100% customizable so you can do you to the fullest.