50 ‘Things We Want’ This Week: Pocket Knives, Whiskey, Boots, And More

things we want this week

Welcome to another edition of the ‘Things We Want’ weekly roundup of the best new gear for guys. This is your weekly guide to all of the trending gear, gadgets, accessories, and apparel to make your life better in some way. You can follow any of the links throughout this article to scoop up any of these items yourself!

If you’ve been reading the ‘Things We Want‘ for yours then you’ll notice it fits with the style of my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.

Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip Shoe

Converse FOG Essentials Skidgrip


The Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip Shoe is my favorite streetwear release of the Summer. It just dropped but you can still pick it up today if you act quick. This is a reboot of the Skidgrip Con-Rad which was a go-to style for skaters and surfers in the 1980s. This style was a childhood favorite of designer Jerry Lorenzo and he’s brought it back to life with the Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip.

The Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip Shoe is a hightop with a digitally printed archival pattern. It has a padded collar and OrthoLite sock liner (love OrthoLite!), Fear of God ESSENTIALS and Chuck 70 vintage license plates, and can be laced up with an oval lace or a cotton flat lace. You can pick it up for $120 today!


Premium Daily Essentials

top everyday carry items for men

Up first here is the Four Roses 2020 Limited Edition Small Batch, a limited release of only approximately 14,040 hand-numbered bottles. It is non-chill filtered and bottled at 111.4 proof and blended from four hand-selected batches. The batches include a 12-year-old Bourbon from the OBSV recipe, a 12- year-old OESV, a 16-year-old OESK, and a 19-year-old OBSK.

2020 Master Distiller of the Year Brent Elliott says each of these batches could’ve been sold as a world-class single barrel but “in this case the sum is even greater than the parts” and these batches blended together “bring a perfect balance of bright, vibrant flavors and aromas from the 12 and 16-year-old barrels combined with the oak tones and aged expressions from the 19- year-old batch.” Sounds pretty good to me.

[1] Four Roses 2020 Limited Edition Small Batch [Buy Now]

[2] The Santiago Boot by Adelante Shoe Co. [$245]

[3] Tropical Bros Sailfish Hawaiian Shirt (Sale) [$42]

[4] Flint and Tinder Stretch Defender Denim Jeans [$128]

[5] Watches From Watch Gang [Get Started Now]

[6] Wood Visor Freshener by Drift [$8]

[7] Benchmade Griptillian Knife w/ Drop Point Blade [$125]

[8] NanoTorch – Compact LED Flashlight [$20]

[9] YETI Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top [$40]

[10] Patagonia Refugio Pack 28L [$89]

McLaren Racing-Inspired Klipsch True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Having the perfect wireless earphones can make all the difference between staying focused on the task at hand and being distracted. As somebody who often runs 8+ miles each day, I would know — and you better believe I don’t have time readjusting my earphones every few steps to save them from falling out.

That’s why the Klipsch McLaren T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds are at the top of its class, because, unlike other headphones out there, these are engineered for those on the go so they stay in your ears, while also providing maximum sound quality to boot.


Relwen Windzip Popover

Relwen Windzip Popover


Today’s a great day because you’re about to discover your new favorite layer for late Summer through Spring. I’m talking about the Windzip Popover from Relwen. It comes in Bright Olive (green) and Navy, both of which look phenomenal and feel even better on your body.

Thanks in part to the heritage-steeped design, the Relwen Windzip Popover frames your upper body perfectly. It has a slimming effect while feeling great on your skin. It’s both breathable and water-resistant so you can wear it in a light drizzle which is ideal when packing for overnighters in the Fall and Winter when you aren’t sure what weather to expect.


Gear That’s Built To Last

long lasting everyday carry gear

Up first here is the stylish and rugged CX Swiss Military Watch, just one of the many world-class watches featured from Watch Gang. With Watch Gang, you fill out a profile on ‘what makes you tick’ and they’ll send new watches right to your door so you can try them out. Choose the plan that’s right for you and once the watch arrives, if you love it you can buy it at up to 5x less than the retail price. AND each week you’ll be entered to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer and Seiko from Watch Gang! You can click here to get started today and finally discover which watches truly best suit your style.

[1] Watches From Watch Gang [Get Started Now]

[2] Lems Shoes Boulder Chukka Boots [$120]

[3] Relwen Thermal Polo [$148]

[4] Edwin Maddox Jeans [$168]

[5] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[6] Rocky Mountain National Park Buff [$15]

[7] The Mehlville Carabiner [$60]

[8] Bellroy Micro Pen [$19]

[9] Meater+ Wireless Meat Thermometer [$99]

[10] Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus [$179]

Tempo ‘Hungover AF’ Natural Hangover Remedy

tempo hungover af review


Here we have one of the most exciting products to hit the market this Summer, something I’m extremely blown away by. The Tempo ‘Hungover AF’ Natural Hangover Remedy is the #1 hangover cure product available, hands down.

You just pop three capsules before bed and the Tempo ‘Hungover AF’ Natural Hangover Remedy goes to work with a blend of herbs, vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals to have you feeling like new when you wake up. If you’ve suffered any extreme hangovers at any point in your life then this one’s for you. Trust it!


Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Deal


The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is ingenious. It allows you to pretty much drink from any water source around and it protects against 99.999999% of bacteria. Do you SEE how effective that thing is?!?! It wipes out 99.999999% of bacteria AND it removes 99.999% of microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness. You can take this while hiking, paddling, camping, or anywhere else in life and just drink straight from natural water and not worry about getting destroyed by bacteria.


Accessories For Living Your Best Life

everyday carry items best daily accessories

Here we have the Wood Visor Freshener from Drift, a really cool product that’s only $8 and it is something you probably never realized you need until you discovered it exists. This is a high-quality block of sustainably-sourced cedar wood that has been soaked in essential and fragrance oils to deliver real scents (not chemicals). The Drift Wood Visor Freshener has a balanced scent profile of dark rum, caramel, allspice, plum, and clove. At only $8 this is an absolute steal and one of the cooler products I’ve come across so far in 2020.

[1] Watches From Watch Gang [Get Started Now]

[2] The Havana Boot by Adelante Shoe Co. [$255]

[3] Flint and Tinder Selvage Architect Shirt [$128]

[4] Relwen Moleskin Chinos [$218]

[5] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[6] Wood Visor Freshener by Drift [$8]

[7] MultiTool – 4-in-1 Keychain Tool [$10]

[8] Journeyman Card Wallet [$60]

[9] Jaybird Tarah Pro Headphones [$130]

[10] Topo Designs Rover Pack – Heritage [$159]

National Park Buffs Featuring Maps

National Park Buffs Map Neck Gaiters

Wear A Map

For anyone out there that’s in the market for new buff or gaiter, I wanted to throw this line of National Park Buffs from Wear A Map on your radar. Each buff features a printed map of our nation’s greatest National Parks including Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Acadia National Park, Zion National Park, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and more.


Premium and Stylish Accessories

premium stylish everyday carry essentials

The Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip Shoe is my favorite streetwear release of the Summer. It just dropped but you can still pick it up today if you act quick. This is a reboot of the Skidgrip Con-Rad which was a go-to style for skaters and surfers in the 1980s. This style was a childhood favorite of designer Jerry Lorenzo and he’s brought it back to life with the Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip.

[1] The Guardian by Shinola Watches [$675]

[2] Converse x FOG Essentials Skidgrip Shoe [Buy Now]

[3] Tropical Bros ‘Dad Bod’ Hawaiian Shirt [$42]

[4] Flint and Tinder Pacific Wash Jeans [$89]

[5] Wood Visor Freshener by Drift [$8]

[6] SOG Knives Aegis AT Pocket Knife [$85]

[7] Key Dangler – Midnight Diamond Coating [$6]

[8] Adelante Shoe Co. Essential Leather Belt [$125]

[9] Meater+ Wireless Meat Thermometer [$99]

[10] Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21L Backpack [$125]

Little Book Chapter 4: ‘Lessons Honored’

Little Book Chapter 4 Lessons Honored

Beam Suntory

Eighth generation Beam distiller Freddie Noe just debuted the fourth installment of his Little Book limited series of blends and I could not be more excited for this one. This isn’t the slightest bit of hyperbole when I say the previous three chapters/releases have ranked in my top 10 all-time favorite whiskey releases which gives me complete confidence that Chapter 4: Lessons Honored will be equally as divine.

‘Lessons Honored’ is a blend of three whiskeys: (1) 4-year-old Kentucky Straight Brown Rice Bourbon, (2) 8-year-old Kentucky Straight “high rye” Rye Whiskey, and (3) 7-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and it’s bottled at 122.8-proof. It can be sipped neat if you’ve got the constitution for that strength or you can drink it over a large ice ball or with some water dropped in. It’s available nationwide starting now with a suggested retail price of $124.99 but this one will sell out fast!

Little Book ‘Chapter 4: Lessons Honored’ is Freddie’s ode to his father, 7th Generation Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe, and all of the lessons about life and bourbon his dad passed down to him, lessons he hopes to pass down to his children one day. I’ll be sampling this at some point in the very near future and will have more to share with you gentlemen but I wanted to get this news on your radar so you could try and track down a bottle before they’re gone!


Everglades Fishing Co. Apparel

Everglades Fishing Co. Fishing Apparel

Everglades Fishing Co.

Everglades Fishing Co. is based out of Everglades City which sits at the barrier between modern civilization and unbridled wilderness. Fishing in the Florida Everglades is like stepping back in time to an era and land that’s been untouched by humankind. You can target pretty much every fish species under the sun and spend the entire day reeling in fish.

Capt. Jimmy is the owner of Everglades Fishing Co. and I’ve been out fishing with him a few times. I mean this when I say you won’t find a better guide to spend the day with. He also has some of the best fishing apparel in the game right now so I wanted to put together some of my favorites here. You can also click here to check out the charter fishing trip rates.

[1] EFC Grey and Black Snap Back [$25]

[2] EFC OG Snap Back [$25]

[3] Hooded Long Sleeve Performance Shirt [$42]

[4] Grey EFC Long Sleeve [$35]

[5] EFC Black Performance Shirt [$30]

[6] EFC Deck Boots- Digi Camo [$119]

4 CBD Products To Treat Common Problems: Hangovers, Recovery, Sleep, Energy

best CBD products hangovers recovery sleep and energy

I wanted to throw some of the Best CBD products available on your radar today so I figured I’d include four of them and each with a different focus. First up is the Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo which includes one bottle of gummies and one bottle of their Vegan AF formula and this is one of the best CBD treatments for hangovers out there today. Second, we see the Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick which is one of the top CBD products for recovery. In this instance, that’s referring to pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-regulating properties. Check it out!

On the bottom row, we’ve got the Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack which are one of the best CBD Sleep treatments you can find anywhere and they’re absolutely delicious. Check these out and thank me later. Lastly, we see the Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) which are a CBD treatment for boosting energy throughout the day by strengthening the parts of your body (cells) that are dragging you down. Give it a look!

[1] Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo (2 Bottle Combo) [$71]

[2] Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick (500mg) [$64]

[3] Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack [$19]

[4] Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) [$95]

The 10 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods For Every Occasion


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