50 Things We Want: Wine, Whiskey, Vintage Threads, And More

Resonance Vineyard Wines


Here we have 50 things we want this week. This roundup includes all of the latest gear drops and must-haves for guys. This week we’ve got some incredible whiskey releases, a dope collaboration between Coors and Huckberry, some delicious wine out Oregon, and a whole lot more.

To learn more about any of the products and gear featured below, just follow the links throughout this article and you’re good to go!

50 Things We Want: Wine, Whiskey, Vintage Threads, And More

Résonance Vineyard Pinot Noir

Resonance Vineyard Wines

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll repeat it again, while I primarily write and review whiskeys when it comes to spirits I predominatly drink wine at home. For the same reasons the scientific side of my brain is drawn to whiskey, I’m drawn to wine. The process from start to finish is utterly fascinating and the absolutely complete devotion it takes winemakers to craft fine wines is something I never want to take for granted.

I recently sat down for a tasting of Résonance Vineyard’s Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs with their winemaker Guillaume Large. Guillaume graduated from the University Bourgogne and immediately dove headfirst into the wine industry, working in Burgundy, France for the infamous french winehouse Jadot.

Maison Louis Jadot was founded in 1859 and it wasn’t until July 2013 that they began their first project outside of France when they purchased Résonance and put a French touch on Willamette Valley, Oregon Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. We sipped through these four wines:

Resonance Vineyard Wines

As far as tastings go, this one was different than any other I’d experienced. And that’s because it was actually equal parts wine tasting and French language lesson. We learned about the French terms that are vital to the winemaking process that native English speakers like myself might otherwise never hear about. Provinage, Biologique, Biologique, Eraflage, Pigeage, Eleve en futs de chene, and Chaine d’embouteillage.

I wish you guys could’ve seen me trying to pronounce these words at a level where nobody could hear me. I sounded like a complete fool. But the wines, they are impeccable. The 2019 RÉSONANCE VINEYARD PINOT NOIR was awarded 96 points by Wine Spectator and they have a host of other wines with ratings through the roof. You can hit that ‘shop’ button below to search for them on Drizly to see if they deliver to your area, or you can visit the Résonance website and order direct or to learn more about those wines.

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The Sonos Ray Compact Sound Bar Is The Absolute Best For The MOney

Imagine being able to group all your speakers together so everyone can enjoy the big game in sync, even in another room. Well, Sonos lets you listen to what you want, where you want, how you want. It’s exactly what we all want.

Beginning with a mission to help the world listen better, Sonos has gone beyond just delivering high-performance and incredible sound. What stands out is the way their products can connect to create the perfect sound system for your entire home.

If you have yet to experience what Sonos has to offer or need a boost to your current setup, the new Sonos Ray Compact Sound Bar is just what you need to get started.

As their most affordable AND compact soundbar yet, the Sonos Ray is the perfect first step towards connecting the whole house or apartment to the Sonos system. With the ability to easily add more speakers later, you’ll be on the path to building your own complete home audio system in no time.

The Sonos Ray is currently available in both black and white at World Wide Stereo.

Shop Now At World Wide Stereo

Frey Ranch Limited-Edition Single Barrel Rye

Frey Ranch Limited-Edition Single Barrel Rye

Nevada’s Frey Ranch Distillery just announced the release of limited-edition Single Barrel Rye that’s bottled at barrel strength and features a spicy 100% rye mashbill. Interest in Rye Whiskey has sky rocketed in recent years (up 1275% in a decade) and this might be one of the best releases yet.

Fry Ranch’s Straight Rye Whiskey is fantastic but they wanted to kick it up a notch so they went with a Winter Cereal Rye mashbill, a rye that’s grown and harvested on site at Frey Ranch Distillery’s property. The flavors from this release are smooth but complex. I know this because I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tiny sample ahead of the launch.

You’ll find notes of charred applewood and perfume up front followed by candied berries, fig jam, fruit cake, and leather. And you’ll of course get plenty of Rye spice out of this limited-edition release that’s coming later this fall (September). It will retail for $99 on the Frey Ranch website (link below) so set your calendars for September and check back here for more news on the exact date soon.

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Shinesty’s Cooling Boxer Briefs To Beat The Summer Heat

Big Cheese - Shinesty

The Triple Chill Effect®

The secret to paradICE™ Cooling Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear is the Triple Chill Effect. With three unique cooling effects working together to instantly and continually reduce the temperature of your skin, it’s just what you need to stay comfortable through whatever activities you have planned this summer.

First up, brrrº® Pro’s enhanced fibers feature concentrated cooling minerals infused directly into the fabric. Cold to the touch, it’ll actually keep you up to 3º cooler!

Triple Chill Effect

On top of that, the patented cooling fabric is hyper wicking, meaning it’s even better at wicking moisture than other fabrics. So you can stay sweat-free while going about your business.

Rounding it all out, the paradICE™ men’s cooling underwear are Performance Drying to keep the undies sweat-free and fresher longer. Although that’s no excuse not to shower every so often.

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New Coors x Huckberry Collection Just Dropped

Coors x Huckberry Collection

Coors x Huckberry Collection

The second Coors x Huckberry Collection just dropped and my GAWD is it magnificent. These will sell out fast. So fast they might be gone before you finish reading this sentence. So be prepared to act fast if you’re into these.

The new collection includes retro-inspired tees, shirts, and hats. To come up with the designs, they went through Coors’ archives from the 80s and 90s to pull the best vintage looks, determine what made those the best, and then improve on those.

I’ve gotten my hand on two of the t-shirts already and I can tell you the softness and quality is worth it alone. Tack on the fact that these are some of the best looking vintage designs of the past decade and this is an absolute win all around.

Shop Coors x Huckberry Now

8 Of The Best Daily Essentials For Guys Right Now

8 Of The Best Daily Essentials For Guys Right Now

[1] Filson Dry Duffle in Flame [$200]

[2] LUCA Terra Low in Carob/Gum [$175]

[3] Kavu Rope Key Chain [$8]

[4] Shinola Traveler 2 Eye Chrono in Golden [$850]

[5] Huckberry x Leatherman Skeletool KBx [$45]

[6] Sunski Ventana in Caramel Amber [$58]

[7] Bellroy Flip Case Wallet [$89]

[8] Craighill Kepler Pen in Brass [$78]

Huckberry’s Best-Selling T-Shirt

Wellen Hemp Tee Sale at Huckberry Best-Selling Men's Tee

The Wellen Hemp Tee is a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. This particular hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers in textiles that’s also incredibly soft. Meaning you get a very durable t-shirt that is incredibly soft and doesn’t break down.

Full details of the Wellen Hemp Tee include:

  • Made from hemp and organic cotton for a soft, durable, and long-lasting fabric
  • Sustainable materials you can feel good about wearing
  • Easy-going but flattering fit—plenty of room to move, but not baggy
  • Hemp fibers take dye differently than the organic cotton for an interesting visual texture

Shop Wellen Hemp Tees Here

The Redstone Pocket Knife

The Redstone Pocket Knife Is A Custom Limited-Edition Everyday Carry Must-Have

Anyone in the market for a new pocket knife has come to the right place. The limited-edition Redstone Pocket Knife by The James Brand was custom-designed by climber and photographer Savannah Cummins in collaboration with Huckberry. And it is available exclusively at Huckberry.

center>Buy The Redstone Pocket Knife Now

Whiskey Peaks Just Released New ‘Wave’ Pattern Rocks Glasses

Whiskey Peaks Just Released New Wave' Pattern Rocks Glasses

Drinking whiskey at home just got even better and more enjoyable thanks to the latest design from Whiskey Peaks. They’ve wowed millions of customers with their topographic rocks glasses featuring iconic mountain peaks but The Wave by Whiskey Peaks has the added advantage of also decanting your spirit of choice.

The natural shape of The Wave pattern opens the whiskey up as you swirl it around in the glass and it sloshes over the handblown glass like an actual wave drumming against a white sand beach. These glasses are sold in sets of two ($30) are were just released on Huckberry.

Shop Whiskey Peaks Glasses Here

Essentials To Make Your Weekend Trip Better

Gear For A Weekend Away: Essentials To Make Your Weekend Trip Better

[1] Raen Optics Myles 53 Sunglasses [$150]

[2] Rumpl Puffy Blanket – National Parks Collection, Zion [$129]

[3] Lems Shoes Boulder Boot Mid [$145]

[4] GOT Bag Weekender [$179]

[5] The Redstone Pocket Knife [$99]

[6] Kavu CrackitOpen Keychain [$12]

[7] Purist Collective Mover 18oz Insulated Bottle [$50]

[8] HMM Plummet Pen [$40]

8 Of This Summer’s Must-Haves For Guys

Everyday Carry Essentials: 8 Must-Haves For Guys This Summer

[1] Wellen Surf Stripe Hemp Tee [$48]

[2] Banks Journal Slow Corduroy Board Short [$80]

[3] G-Shock GBA900UU-5A Watch [$130]

[4] Huckberry x Leatherman Skeletool KBx [$45]

[5] Craighill Offset Keyring in Vapor Black [$38]

[6] North St. Bags Davis Daypack EPX [$112, usually $140]

[7] Sunski Ventana Sunglasses [$58]

[8] Bellroy Flip Case Wallet [$89]

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