This Futuristic Super Yacht Looks Like Darth Vadar’s Space Ship

Super yachts tend look pretty menacing, no matter how much money they cost. They’re the ultimate status symbol amongst the 1% of the 1%, which means they tend to be the transportation equivalent of fuck you money.

That’s why this super yacht concept is pretty rad. Designed by Jonathan Schwinge, it uses the pyramid-shaped geometry of a Tetrahedron.

It looks like something Darth Vadar would host a wet t-shirt contest on during spring break.

Here’s how it actually navigates through the water, via the designers own words:

The Tetrahedron would have the appearance at high-speed of ‘levitating’ over the water: a boat that can fly. This is produced by a HYSWAS hull – A Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship – that is comprised of a single vertical strut onto a single submerged ‘torpedo’ hull. The vessel will lift out of the water at speed on side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils.

This hull form has two working ‘waterlines’ for its operation. At low speed the Tetrahedron sits gently onto three underbelly hulls. At high-speed the hydrofoils rotate on the lower submerged hull, causing the effect of mysteriously raising the triangle out of the water.

The concept design of this HYSWAS craft is based upon an existing hull design which has been developed by several companies, notably the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in America, and has been proven by their technology demonstrator – ‘The Quest’ – in 1995.

You know you’d party hard on this bad boy:

Cost? The souls of the free galaxy.

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