This Italian Leather Pocket Key Case Is Classy AF, And It’ll Finally Get The Keys In Your Pocket Organized

If you’re still going through life carrying around a traditional circular keyring/keychain then allow me to open your eyes and bring you into the 21st century. There was a time back in the medieval ages when a keyring made sense, when people carried like 50 keys on their belt and the keyring was the easiest way to sort through those keys. However, when it comes to the keys in your pocket the circular keyring is as impractical as it gets, taking up way more pocket space then it has any right to.

The future are key cases: they keep all of your keys folded up neatly together and even have space leftover for multi-tools and USB devices. Today we’re running a pretty sick deal on the Big Ass Goods Pocket Key Case made of pure Italian Leather. If you act now you can scoop up this keychain for just $14.99, a markdown of 25% off the normal retail price. So here’s what you’re getting…

Pocket Key Case: Slide Your Keys Into This Italian Leather Case for Safe Keeping

This handsome leather-bound gadget holds six keys, three on each side, so there’s not a single jangle in earshot. It’s small enough to fit right in your pocket and strong enough to handle whatever mischief you get into, without losing your keys. The hardware is all classic brass and the leather is Italian, so you’ll be unlocking a whole new door to style.

— Handcrafted w/ Italian leather
— Features durable brass hardware
— Fits in any pocket
— Keeps your keys secure
— Holds six keys, three on each side


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