This Three-Plate Aluminum Wallet Is An RFID-Blocking, Bottle Opening, Cash Protecting Marvel Of Design

If you bros are in the market for a new wallet and you’re looking for something with a minimalist design then the A4 Three-Plate Aluminum Wallet is EXACTLY what you’ve been waiting for. This marvel of design is equal parts form and function, with RFID-blocking unbroken hardcoat anodized aluminum this will keep any scammers from swiping your credit card chip info, and the minimalist three-plate design cuts down on the pocket space. So let’s check it out:

You’re an adventurous person. You need a wallet that can keep up. Well, look no further, for this wallet is designed for maximum toughness and usability. With an ambidextrous tab layout, an aluminum triangle allowing for easy card and cash access, and unbroken surfaces for increased RFID blocking, this wallet’s sure to be as intrepid as you are.

— Three custom-made urethane o-rings increase usability and durability
— Multiple assembly configurations are possible depending on your needs
— Integrated bottle opener let’s you pop a bottle whenever
— Unbroken hardcoat anodized aluminum surfaces provide added RFID blocking
— Triangle allows for easy access to cash & frequently used cards
— Made in the USA

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