Toyota’s TRD-Sport Trailer Has Everything You Need For The Ultimate Camping Adventure – Including A Toilet

Toyota's TRD-Sport trailer for the 2020 SEMA360 show


Are you thinking about roughing it in the wilderness? With Toyota’s TRD-Sport trailer there’s no roughing it. This compact is ready for the ultimate camping trip – it even has one bedroom and one bathroom.

The 2020 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) was virtual this year, but that didn’t stop Toyota from rolling out this camper’s dream machine that’s perfect for social distancing. The Tacoma-based TRD-Sport trailer provides a wide variety of useful gear for when you go off the grid.

This adventure-ready Overlanding rig boasts a remote-operated scissor lift that can raise the platform several feet up from the pickup truck’s bed. Once you pick your comfortable height, you can sleep in the Yakima four-person tent, hopefully out of the reach of any grizzly bears.

This concept trailer basecamp packs a ton of features such as a sizable awning, fly fishing-pole holders, multiple Rigid A-Series Accessory LEDs to light up your campsite, a garbage can, a slide-out kitchen with a sink and stove, a refrigerator, a freezer, fresh water reservoir tank and grey water holding tank able to hold 16 and 15 gallons respectively, a hot water heater, mobile shower complete with a curtain, and most importantly a golden toilet. Powering all of those camping luxuries is an Optima Yellow Top battery.

“Overlanding’s growing popularity inspired the Toyota team to think outside the box, as they sought to make a true overland trailer out of a Tacoma pickup bed,” Toyota said. “The truly over-the-top TRD-Sport Trailer concept serves as a base camp to extend adventurers’ off-highway fun while being pulled by a Toyota truck or SUV.”

Toyota hasn’t confirmed any production plans for the TRD-Sport trailer or a possible price when it was revealed at the SEMA360.

The concept was created by Marty Schwerter and his team at Motorsports Garage, who takes you into how he crammed all of that camping goodness in that small trailer.